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Radon Gas and Public Health

Test your home. Protect your health.

The Oregon Radon Awareness Program educates the public on health hazards of radon gas, promotes radon testing and mitigation, and encourages radon-resistant new construction throughout the state.

For a quick reference, visit our frequently asked questions page.

Oregon Radon Awareness Free Short-Term Radon Test Kit Program

Oregon Radon Awareness Program provides a FREE short-term radon test kit to those living in areas of Oregon where little radon testing has been done. The purpose of the program is to identify potential radon risk in Oregon's ZIP codes. This information helps the Oregon Radon Awareness Program and partner organizations to understand radon risk levels in Oregon. 

Click here to see if you qualify.

  • Radon Risk Map - Updated January 2022

    • The updated Radon Risk Map shows much of the state at risk
    • The best time to test for radon is in the winter months when levels are expected to be at their highest
    • All homes are advised to test, regardless of geographic region risk assigned

  • Recommendations for Health Providers

    • Radon CD Summary, February 2019
      • Important recommendations for healthcare providers, clinicians and all health practioners advising all patients to test their homes for radon
      • Includes CME credits

Visualize Radon

A cloud chamber lets you see the tracks made by charged particles when radon decays. This Radon Cloud Chamber Video shows the difference between a room with low radon concentrations and a room with much higher concentrations.

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