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Due Dates and Important Points for the 2024 Reporting Period.

Due Dates and Important Points for the 2024 Reporting Period.



What Are Due Dates & Important Points for the 2024 Reporting Period?​

Manufacturers of children’s products containing High Priority Chemicals for Children Health (HPCCCH) at de minimis, which are sold or offered for sale in Oregon in 2022 and 2023 (the 2024 Reporting Period), must make those reports on or before January 31, 2024. See Oregon Revised Statute (ORS)​ 431A.253 for definition of "de minimis" for the TFK Act and its rules.

Reports are to be made to the High Priority Chemicals Data System (HPCDS). See HPCDS Reporting Guide for reporting instructions. In the Create Report section of the HPCDS, the 2024 Reporting Period choice­ will become available on December 15, 2023. [In the dropdown, that choice looks like 2024 (due 1/31/2024).]  

Please do not select other reporting period choices to report for the 2024 Reporting Period­. Manufacturers will not likely have all the data necessary to report correctly before December 15th.  To understand which data is required, we recommend you review FAQs 8,16 and 17 in​ the Com​​plyi​ng with Biennial Notice Requirement/Reporting for the Toxic Free Kids Act group of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). 

​If you are to make the third report of a HPCCCH in a subset of children's products affected by Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 333-016-3010(1), we recommend you start preparing for the HPCCCH Removal/Substitution Requirement or requests for Waiver and Exemptions from Removal/Substitution now. 

Manufacturer may request an Exemption from Notice Requirement supported by a Manufacturing Control Program (MCP) for product in a GS1 product category where the HPCCCH in a product category/HPCCCH combination is a contaminant and found at concentrations above de minimis. This type of exemption is not available for intentionally added HPCCCH. See ORS​ 431A.253 for definitions of "contaminant" and "intentionally added."

For products affected by OAR 333-016-3010(1), an Exemption from Notice Requirement/(MCP)​ request may ​only be made on or before the date on which biennial notices/reports are due for those products' first, second, ​or third biennial notice/reporting period. ​ 

For other children's products containing a HPCCCH as a contaminant, ​but not affected by OAR 333-016-3010(1), OHA will accept such requests for any biennial notice period. Exemption Requests/MCPs must be received by the Authority on or before the date ​that biennial notices/reports are due (January 31st) following the two-year biennial notice period for which the Request is being made.​ 


As stated in FAQs #31, and #37 and #41, ​OHA will accept request for both types of exemptions; waivers; substitutions of HPCCCH(s); or notices that HPCCCH(s) have been removed from children's products, on or before January 31, 2024.

The Fee Payment & Application Upload Portal is used to upload documentation for both types of exemptions; waivers; and substitutions of HPCCCH(s). In addition, The $1500 application fee is paid and the documentation for a request uploaded at this secure website.

IMPORTANT: When paying by credit card, the address entered must be the same as the billing address known to the credit card company. If it is not, the payment will be rejected and your submission will not be accepted by OHA.

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