General Housing Account Program (GHAP) NOFA for Veterans

Multifamily Housing Funding Opportunities / GHAP NOFA for Veterans

NOFA Application Materials: 
NOFA #4514​ - This NOFA is closed. 
Instructio​n Manual

Forms Part 1 - Application Submission:
Application Submission Checklist

Forms Part 2  Applicant and Project Information:
Applicant and Project Information

Forms Part 3 - Threshold Submittal:
Resident Service Description Worksheet
Readiness to Proceed
Ownership Integrity Submission
Development Team Capacity
Architectural Submission Requirement
Visitability & Max Floor Area Exemption Request​

Forms Part 4-Competitive Scoring:
Competitive Scoring Questionnaire​
9% & HOME Profor​ma​ | Zip Instructions​
4% & Bond Proforma
Financial Assumptions​
Tenant Survey & Relocation Plan
Construction Cost Estimates

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After Reservation Received:
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