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The State Home Oil Weatherization (SHOW) Program provides cash payments to eligible applicants who conduct energy-saving upgrades and weatherization measures on homes heated by fuel obtained from fuel oil dealers. Transferred from the Department of Energy in 2018, the SHOW Program has been in operation since 1981. An annual Petroleum Supplier Assessment provides funding for the program, and all applications are subject to the availability of funds.

Eligible applicants include homeowners (including rental property owners), contractors, and program Grantees. Eligible dwellings must use a primary heating fuel obtained from a fuel oil dealer, or a business that sells heating oil (dyed diesel) at a minimum. Other eligible heating fuels sold by those businesses may include kerosene, propane, and wood.

Applicants must complete eligible energy conservation measures upon their respective dwellings, including measures related to:

- Fuel oil-powered heating equipment repair and replacement

- Heating duct insulation and sealing

- Attic, subfloor, and wall insulation

- Window and door replacement

Cash payments are awarded to eligible applicants based on the measures completed and the income level of the current occupants of the dwelling. The determination for eligibility of Tier 1 cash payments is a household income at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level. Cash payments may be reduced if historical cash payments through the SHOW Program were awarded on behalf of the respective dwelling. The following chart indicates the maximum cash payments awarded per tier:

Payment Tier

Cost per measure allowable for payment

Heating Equipment

Heating Ducts

Dwelling Insulation

(per region)

Windows and Doors

Tier 1

Up to 60%






Tier 2

Up to 30%






Applicants wishing to apply may fill out the materials below. All applicants must complete and submit materials indicated in the Applicant Certification (part V) and Occupant Certification (part IX) of the application.


Applications and supporting documentation must be submitted to the following location:

Oregon Housing & Community Services

Attn: SHOW Program Coordinator

725 Summer St NE, Suite B

Salem, OR 97301-1266

Program Details

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