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Industry Resources

This manual helps explain the obligations of a distillery retail outlet agent (distillery agent) pertaining to liquor laws, regulations and the distillery retail outlet agent agreement.

  • Distillery Retail Outlet Operations Manual (revisions in progress)
There are two ways a new distilled spirit product can be introduced into the Oregon market.  A product can be presented to the Listing Committee, or a special order can be placed with a liquor store by a customer.

About liquor delivery from distilleries and liquor stores to consumers

How the price of distilled spirits is calculated in Oregon.

This manual helps explain the obligations of a retail sales agent pertaining to liquor laws and regulations as well as the Retail Sales Agent Agreement.

  • Retail Operations Manual (revisions in progress)

This manual is a reference guide to help explain the obligations of suppliers who are currently conducting business with the Oregon Liquor Cannabis Commission and to educate new prospective suppliers about the OLCC’s policies and procedures.

This dashboard below provides details about documented theft activity at liquor stores in Oregon.

OLCC's Liquor Distribution Center

 Liquor On the Move in Oregon