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OAR 845-025-2860 requires a Recreational Marijuana Retailer to place certain postings in a conspicuous place and to provide consumer health and safety information with each sale of a marijuana item. All postings must be 17 inches wide by 22 inches high. The marijuana information card must measure 3.5 by 5 inches. You must use the versions of these documents provided by the Commission.

You can find more information on required postings in the “Required Documents & Postings" document below.

Vaping Illness - CDC Recommendations 

Pregnancy Warning Poster

Poisoning Prevention Poster

Educate Before you Recreate Poster

Marijuana Information Card (Single)

Marijuana Messaging Card (4x)

Control Study Certification Form
The Control Study form updated January 1, 2019 to reflect new administrative rule 333-007-0440.  Control Studies certified under old rules can continue to be used until the expiration date listed on the certified control study.  Guidance on the new Control Study rules can be found here

Control Study Example - Bulk Extract for Sale to Consumer
Control Study Example - Cannabinoid Product
Control Study Example - Extract for Further Processing
Control Study Example - Extract for Sale to Consumer

To find information about the medical marijuana program, please visit the OregonHeath Authority's Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) Homepage.

For information specific for medical sites subject to tracking in CTS, visit OLCC's OMMP Tracking Homepage.

These worksheets are intended to assist registrants and licensees in recording necessary information for tracking information in the cannabis tracking system (CTS or "Metrc.")

Use of these worksheets is not required and they do not replace the requirement to enter information in CTS. They are provided solely as a resource for users to collect all necessary information for tracking activities in CTS.

These forms are fillable electronically through use of Adobe Acrobat Reader or they may be printed and filled by hand.

Worksheet: New Plant Batch

Worksheet: Immature to Vegetative

Worksheet: Vegetative to Flower

Worksheet: Clone/Seedling Destruction

Worksheet: Vegetative/Flowering Destruction

Worksheet: Harvest Creation

Worksheet: Harvest Waste

Worksheet: New Package from Harvest

Worksheet: Harvest Completion

Worksheet: New Package from Package


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