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OMMP Marijuana Tracking Forms & Publications

All forms, educational materials, and guides published by OLCC that are directly related to medical marijuana tracking and compliance with cannabis tracking system (CTS) requirements can be found below. These documents are linked from their relevant sections of this site. This page provides a central reference for all forms.
The information contained here refers only to the requirements for tracking in CTS. For information, documents, forms, and publications related to the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) generally, visit the Oregon Health Authority's OMMP website.  

If you are looking for forms or publications as a recreational marijuana licensee or are looking for information on applying for a recreational marijuana license, please visit the OLCC’s Recreational Marijuana Program homepage.


These worksheets are intended to assist registrants and licensees in recording necessary information for tracking information in the cannabis tracking system (CTS or "Metrc.")
Use of these worksheets is not required and they do not replace the requirement to enter information in CTS. They are provided solely as a resource for users to collect all necessary information for tracking activities in CTS.
These forms are fillable electronically through use of Adobe Acrobat Reader or they may be printed and filled by hand.
Worksheet: New Plant Batch
Worksheet: Immature to Vegetative
Worksheet: Vegetative to Flower
Worksheet: Clone/Seedling Destruction
Worksheet: Vegetative/Flowering Destruction
Worksheet: Harvest Creation
Worksheet: Harvest Waste
Worksheet: New Package from Harvest
Worksheet: Harvest Completion
Worksheet: New Package from Package

Training Documents

CTS Initial Setup How-To Guide
Recording Transfers in CTS Overview
Recording Transfers How-To Guide
Medical Marijuana Registrant Requirements Guide
CTS Advanced Reporting Guide

Information and Instructions

Checklist for Medical Marijuana Tracking in CTS
20 Pound Transfer to OLCC Processor and Wholesaler Registration Instructions

Application and Registration Forms

Registration for Medical Marijuana Grow Site Transfers to Recreational Processors and Wholesalers (20 Pound Transfer Registration)