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Conferences & Workshops

Oregon Heritage coordinates several different opportunities for trainings, workshops, and conversations supporting heritage preservation efforts in Oregon. We do this through the following:

​This conference is an opportunity for those involved in preserving Oregon's heritage to gather together for three days of workshops, sessions, conversations, and more to help support their efforts and provide opportunities for conversation about larger heritage related issues. The conference also includes the annual Oregon Heritage Excellence Awards.

Save the Date for the 2022 Oregon Heritage Conference: The Power of Heritage, April 27-29.

​In the off year of the conference, Oregon Heritage hosts a summit. The purpose of the summit is to be single issue focused and to provide an opportunity for larger scale discussions to take place at the state-wide level and regional level. Previous year summits have focused on fundraising (2017) and Board development (2019).

2021 Oregon Heritage Summit
April 29-30

Collaboration is key! We know the reasons to partner with other groups and individuals- to reach new audiences with our missions, create lasting impacts, and increase the return on our investments of time and money. But let’s be honest, true collaboration that is mutually beneficial is process driven. It takes time and commitment, and it doesn’t happen immediately. As communities across Oregon do the hard work of recovering from COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to use our resources strategically and collaborate rather than compete. The 2021 Heritage Summit will focus on understanding needs, priorities, and opportunities within our communities. True collaboration can help us make history visible and heritage organizations even more relevant.

Visit our 2021 Oregon Heritage Summit information page for information on schedule of events, registration, and more.

Please request translation serves, if need, at least 72 hours before the event by calling (503) 986-0690.

​This conference provides the opportunity for those engaged in downtown revitalization efforts to connect to resources, partners, and their downtown to help get work done in their community. Typical attendees include staff and volunteers focused on downtown historic preservation and economic development, downtown business and property owners, government leaders, chamber of commerce professionals and volunteers, and others with an interest in the future of downtown will benefit from attending this conference.

2021 Oregon Main Street Conference, Oct. 6-8

​Oregon Heritage offers at least one workshop at multiple locations across the state each year. Topics range from collection care, to organization capacity, to tools to help organization communicate the value of heritage to their stakeholders.

Also visit the calendar at the bottom of for workshops.


Kuri Gill
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