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Scientific Research and Collection Permit

Resources for re-opening and "Building a Safe and Strong Oregon" are available on Governor Brown's website.

  • Scientific Research PermitsSuspended for parks that remain closed. Please check before you go.

Contractors, partners, volunteers, and permittees will regain access to our parks and resume permit projects when our parks re-open. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We look forward to collaborating with you all very soon.

Scientific Research Permits

Scientific studies designed to increase the understanding of ecological processes and resources on state park and OPRD lands are a valuable source of information for park and resource managers. OPRD cooperates with organizations and institutions when their scientific or educational research is compatible with the department’s mission of land stewardship through the protection of ecological processes and natural resources. 

A scientific research and collection permit is required for most scientific and some educational activities pertaining to natural and cultural resources that involve specimen collection, field work, or that may have the potential to disturb natural and cultural resources on OPRD owned or managed lands, which includes state parks and the ocean shore.

Permit Forms

All requests for a permit to conduct scientific research and/or collection must be submitted online at


Complete all information requested on the permitting website, including details about project purpose, scope, methods, and location(s), including detailed maps. A complete application prevents delays!
  • We recommend that applications be submitted at least 60 days in advance of the first planned field activity, however, not less than 30 days prior to the project start date.
  • Permits generally will be issued for one year however, in some circumstances permits may be given for multiple years.

Scientific research at Succor Creek State Natural Area

Other Stewardship Permits

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