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Ocean Shore Emergency Alteration Permits

Emergency Alteration Permits

In the event of an emergency, OPRD may issue a permit for alterations (e.g., rock or sand placement) on the ocean shore necessary to provide immediate and temporary relief from an imminent threat. This includes when an upland building or other infrastructure is in imminent peril of being destroyed or damaged by action of the Pacific Ocean or other natural disaster. Emergency approval provides for more time to pursue design and permitting of a permanent solution.

Information that may be needed includes:      

  • Description of the emergency situation
  • Submission of photos/videos
  • Purpose and description of the proposed emergency work
  • Set of drawings that outline what is being proposed
  • Bond payment
  • Local planning verification of eligibility
  • Site visit by OPRD staff
An overview of the steps and requirements for an emergency alteration permit are included below.

A more detailed set of instructions and information can be accessed in PDF form, here.

Notify OPRD by calling 1-888-655-3750.

  • Leave a voicemail with your name, contact number, and address for the property in question.
  • If you are calling from a mobile device, we'll also send a text message with additional instructions.
  • Staff will be notified and respond as soon as possible.

OPRD must verify eligibility for your property and project to determine if the situation meets the emergency criteria.

To aid in this determination, providing information needed such as photos, videos, and a location map will expedite the process. If calling from a mobile device, photos may be submitted as a response to the text you receive after calling 1-888-655-3750.

Please see the PDF for detailed guidance on photos, eligibility and emergency criteria.

A written application and supporting materials must be submitted before OPRD can provide written emergency approval. Emergency approval is for a temporary alteration and does not guarantee issuance of a permit for a permanent structure.

Please see the PDF for instructions on what is needed as part of the application, including:
  • emergency application form
  • city/county land use compatibility statement (LUCS)
  • photos
  • location maps
  • drawings
  • description of construction equipment access and staging of materials and equipment
  • bond
  • confirmation of land-owner permission

Read your permit conditions:

  • Landowner is responsible for compliance with permit conditions.
  • OPRD recommends you review all permit conditions with your agent and contractor, if applicable. 
  • If you have any questions or concerns please contact staff before starting work to avoid issues of non-compliance.

Proceed with construction and notify OPRD once completed:

  • Applicants will need to submit photos of the completed work and advise OPRD staff when the temporary structure has been built.

Remove or apply for a permanent shoreline protective structure permit within one calendar year of emergency approval:

  • Applicants will need to complete permitting and construction of a permanent solution or remove the work completed under the emergency permit within one year.
    • Failure to remove the structure within one calendar year may result in forfeiture of all or part of the bond or security and/or enforcement action including civil penalties.
    • Removal and restoration of the beach is at the landowner’s expense.
  • OPRD recommends working with Ocean Shore staff as soon as possible to begin the permanent permitting process.

Emergency Alterations Permit Line


See the Ocean Shore Permits page for staff contacts for non-emergency situations.


Guidebook on Erosion Control Practices of the Oregon Coast.

Goal 18 eligibility information/guidance (note: inventory is informational, official determination is made by the local jurissdiction)

(See: OAR 736-020-0001-0120)