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Scenic Waterway Activities Notification

Resources for re-opening and "Building a Safe and Strong Oregon" are available on Governor Brown's website.

  • Scenic Waterways – We will continue to intake scenic waterway notifications and process if we are able to do so remotely (e.g. adequate photo support, GIS tools, etc.). We may hold them if we cannot verify impacts remotely.

Contractors, partners, volunteers, and permittees will regain access to our parks and resume permit projects when our parks re-open. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We look forward to collaborating with you all very soon.

Scenic Waterway Program

Oregon's diversity of river systems contributes richly to our quality of life. Oregonians decided to protect special waterways in 1970 when they voted two-to-one to establish the Oregon Scenic Waterways Program. The program seeks to balance protection and use through cooperation between federal, state, and local agencies as well as individual property owners and those who recreate along a waterway.  The program goals include:

  • Protect the free-flowing character of designated rivers;
  • Protect and enhance scenic and natural values, recreation, and fish and wildlife
  • Protect private property rights; 
  • Encourage other agencies to act consistently with the goals of scenic waterways

Administrative Rules

OPRD must be notified of certain activities proposed within a quarter mile of the banks of and visible from Oregon's designated scenic waterways. Activities may include: 
  • Construction or improvements of buildings, utilities such as roads or other structures
  • Logging or tree removal
  • Mining
Although there are specific Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs) that relate directly to each scenic waterway, there are other OARs that apply to all state scenic waterways. See the Scenic Waterway Rule page for more information. 

Please contact the scenic waterway staff contact listed for each waterway to determine if a notification is required for your proposed activity. Once you have determined a notification is necessary, forms are available on this page.

Forms for Scenic Waterways

Scenic waterway notifications may be required for modifications to the landscape (including improvements such as homes, road building, tree removal or mining activities) within designated waterways. All forms are PDF fillable forms, although signatures are required.

Scenic Waterways Contacts

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