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Ocean Shores Permits

Resources for re-opening and "Building a Safe and Strong Oregon" are available on Governor Brown's website.

Please see the list below for current status of our ocean shore permits:

  • Special Use PermitsSpecial use permits (e.g., weddings, events, filming) on the ocean shore contact Allison Mangini at 541-220-3786. Events are limited to activities compliant with Covid-19 reopening phase guidelines, on open beach areas.

Please check before you go. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We look forward to collaborating with you.

Ocean Shore State Recreation Area

The public has use of beaches along Oregon's 362-mile-long coastline as established by the 1967 Beach Bill. The Ocean Shore is administered as a state recreation area by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD).

OPRD regulates ocean shore activities as outlined in Oregon Administrative Rules including:
  • vehicle use, camping and other recreational activities
  • ocean shore alterations

In addition to administering a permit program for ocean shore alterations, OPRD reviews application permits for special events, such as large group gatherings, commercial filming and scientific research.

Permit Forms

Access Way & Other Miscellaneous Projects [PDF

Pipelines, Cables or Conduits [PDF

Sand Alteration [PDF

Shoreline Protection Structure [PDF]

Drive on Beach Application Portal (for ADA access or associated with another permit)

Pending Permits

You may access the permit application (PDF), Notice Period, Public Notice (PDF) and Public Hearing date (if applicable) in the table, below. If you do not see the entire table, you may expand it by using the plus (+) button. Applications are evaluated against the ocean shore alteration standards (OAR 736-020) and reviewed for consistency with the statewide planning goals and/or the acknowledged county comprehensive plan.

A public hearing before the Department will be held if 10 or more written requests for a hearing are received by the end of the 30-day notice period. If 10 written requests are received, a time and place will be set and notice thereof announced and posted. Written requests shall state the interests in the proposed project of the person making the request. The Department may schedule and hold a public hearing on any application on the Director's initiative.  Written requests for a public hearing and comments should be sent to the Ocean Shore Permit Coordinator. Click here to get on the "interested parties" list for notifications about ocean shore alteration permits.

Permit Decisions

Ocean Shore permit decisions and finding of fact staff reports.
You may access the permit decisions and finding of fact staff reports (PDF). If you do not see the entire table, you may expand it by using the plus (+) button.

Note: Ocean Shore Permit 2900-18/Edge Cable Holdings, related to installation of a cable under the ocean shore, was involved in an accidental malfunction of the drilling equipment. Read more.

View of Haystack Rock from Cannon Beach ocean shore


Ocean Shore History and Recreation Area FAQs 

Ocean Shore Rules

Ocean Shore Management Plan (PDF)

Ocean Shore Scenery Flickr album

Rocky Shore Flickr photo albums

Oregon Coast Trail


Ocean Shores Permits
(Alteration Permits, drive-on beach permits) 

ADA Coordinator (ADA access permits)
Phone: 503-881-4637

Administrative Specialist, Coastal Region
(Special Use/Event Permits)
Phone: 541-220-3786

Ocean Shore Resource Specialist 
Phone:  503-857-9000