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Plans, Rulemaking & Permits

In compliance with Governor Kate Brown’s executive orders and in an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19, we have temporarily shut down all Oregon State Parks and related services until May 8th.

Please see the list below for current status of our stewardship permits.

  • Scientific Research Permits – All suspended and no new permits will be issued.
  • Scenic Waterways – We will continue to intake scenic waterway notifications and process if we are able to do so remotely (e.g. adequate photo support, GIS tools, etc.). We will hold them if we cannot verify impacts remotely.
  • Ocean Shore Alteration Permits – Emergency permits are being processed as normal. New alteration permits and repair permits are under evaluation on a case-by-case basis but likely postponed.
  • Drive-on-beach permits- No new drive-on-beach permits will be issued for recreational access or for events on the ocean shore. Existing drive-on-beach permits are suspended with exceptions for work under an approved Ocean Shore Alteration Permit. Please contact Jay Sennewald at 541-563-8504 for emergency permit requests
  • Firewood cutting permits (on the ocean shore) – All suspended and no new permits will be issued.
  • Special Use Permits – All suspended and no new permits will be issued.

Contractors, partners, volunteers, and permittees will regain access to our parks and resume permit projects when our parks re-open. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We look forward to collaborating with you all very soon.


State park master plans are written for new and existing parks and present a balance of recreation opportunities with resource protection. Once adopted by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Commission and approved by the local land use authority (usually a city or county), a park master plan guides future park development. We encourage and actively engage park stakeholders and the community during the master planning process. Community members and others interested in park development are invited to comment at each stage of the process.

Rules and Rulemaking

Rulemaking plays an important part in building the foundation of Oregon Parks and Recreation Department's ability to manage Oregon's special places. Public comment on open rulemaking is valuable to the agency during the rulemaking process as the agency upholds its mission "to provide and protect outstanding natural, scenic, cultural, historic and recreational sites for the enjoyment and education of present and future generations."


OPRD issues a variety of permits for activities within parks (e.g., scientific research permits) and areas under the agency's jurisdiction, including the Ocean Shore State Recreation Area and State Scenic Waterways.



Robin Wilcox 
Senior Parks and Trails Planner


Katie Gauthier
Legislative Coordinator

Resource Permits

Ocean Shores

Visit Ocean Shores for a list of contacts.

Scenic Waterways

Visit Scenic Waterways
for a list of rivers and contacts

Scientific Research/Collection

Visit Research Permits for information and contacts.

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