Occupational Therapy Licensing Board

Do you need an Oregon License Verification sent to another state?
There is NO charge in Oregon for license verifications.
If you need a written verification form sent to another state, send an email to OTLB.Info@state.or.us letting us know the address where you want it sent. 
Board staff will prepare the verification, mail it out right away and confirm back by email once it is sent. 
Included on our form is all the necessary information the state requires including name of licensee, the license number, whether it is current, date of initial information, if there has been public discipline.  It is signed by the director and stamped with the state seal.
Note:  Oregon law requires all information obtained during a complaint be kept confidential, including the fact that there is an on-going investigation (except in rare instance where there is a showing by clear and convincing evidence that disclosure is in the public’s interest). However, once the investigation is complete and the Board, by a majority vote, has taken disciplinary action, a copy of the action is available on request.  These requests generally come from other state licensing boards, insurance carriers, and potential employers.