Occupational Therapy Licensing Board

Limited Permits

Limited Permits are available only once for those who are applying to take the NBCOT examination.  The Limited permit costs $25 + $40 (fingerprinting) and is eligible for 90 days from the date of your NBCOT Authorization to Test notification. 

We are currently updating our system so you can apply online and pay by credit card.  Please check back for the link to apply.



·    Return the signed and completed form with a $65 check or money order payable to the “OT Licensing Board”.  We are not set up to accept credit cards.  ($65 includes $25 limited permit fee plus $40 for fingerprint background checks).


·    Your official school transcripts must be sent directly to the Oregon OT Licensing Board from your school. Transcripts sent via eSCRIP are accepted as long as they are sent by the school.


·    We require the "Authorization to Test" notification from NBCOT - you can forward the email or fax a copy.   You do not need to pay for a paper copy to be sent to the OT Licensing Board if you have the email.


·    Pay to have NBCOT scores transferred to the Oregon Board.


·    Have a signed "LP Statement of Supervision" filed in the OTLB office prior to working under the LP.  It can be faxed to 971-673-0226 or scanned and emailed.


·    Once we receive all the required documentation, we issue licenses within 3 days.  Make sure you send your fee and required documentation for licensure to the board well in advance of your limited permit expiration date.


·    If you fail the NBCOT exam, your limited permit is automatically void.  You can no longer work as an OT / OTA until you pass the exam.


·    Limited permits are available only once.


·    If you have a Yes answer to a background question, make sure to send your application in early to allow time for Board approval.

  •  Any application received after Jan. 1, 2018 will require a fingerprint background check.  Schedule an appointment with Fieldprint:  Fieldprint USA /Toll free phone:  (877)614-4364.  You will need to provide Field print with the OT Board agency code FPOccuTheraLicBd in order to make an appointment.
​​​​​​Please note:   If a past arrest does show up on the fingerprint FBI background check and you do not check “Yes” to the question regarding arrest history, your application automatically must go in front of the full board.  Since the board meets quarterly, this may result in waiting a longer period-of-time for your license than if you disclosed the arrest on your application.  Many applicants will confuse “dismissed” cases with “expunged”.  Dismissed cases will still show up on the background check.