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Living Units

Oak Creek has two living units: Aspen and Cedar. The living units are next to a large outdoor courtyard.

Each unit has a day room, a kitchen and dining area, a school classroom, and a shared sleeping room with 25 beds.

Living Units

mural on wall
Cedar Unit day room

tree mural on wall

Mural in Aspen Unit day room

beds in sleeping room

Beds in one of the sleeping rooms


A classroom inside a living unit

Outdoor Courtyard



garden in courtyard


Each living unit has its own living unit manager (LUM) and case coordinator (CC). If you have questions about your youth, the LUM or CC for their unit are the first people you should contact. Email is the best way to reach them.

Aspen Unit
Brenda Frontino, living unit manager

Nick Pearce, case coordinator

Cedar Unit
Wyatt Mann, living unit manager

Kevin Nelson, case coordinator

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