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Oregon Youth Authority Policies


Welcome to the Oregon Youth Authority policy page.
If you have any questions about a policy or need assistance, contact oya.info@oya.state.or.us

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Mission, Values, Principles

Principles of Conduct
Professional Standards
Relationships with Youth and Their Families
Mandatory Reporting of Abuse
Conflict of Interest
Harassment-free Workplace
Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action
Drug-free Workplace; Alcohol and Marijuana Restrictions 
Violence-free Workplace
Weapons in the Workplace
Use of Electronic Information Assets and Systems

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Administrative Services

Section A - General Administration

State-Tribal Government-to-Government Relations
Attorney General Opinions and Advice
Tort Liability and Claims
OYA Performance Management System and Process Improvement
Delegation of Legal Custodian and Guardianship Authority
Parent/Guardian and Family Involvement in Youth Reformation
Preventing, Detecting, and Responding to Youth Sexual Abuse and Sexual Harassment
I-A-10.1 ​Meeting LGBTQQI and Gender Nonconforming Youth Needs
I-A-11.0 Assessment, Multidisciplinary Teams, and Case Planning​
I-A-12.0 Assessment and Treatment Eligibility​ for Youth with Sexually Harmful Behavior
I-A-13.0 ​​Parole Revocation

Section B - Financial Management
Payroll Reporting/Issuing Paychecks
Delegation for Expenditures and Payment Obligation Approval 
Use of State Purchase Card (SPOTS Card) and State Corporate Travel Card
Youth Trust Accounts
Offender Welfare Accounts
Staff Personal Property Damage Reimbursement
Agency Acceptance of Donations
Child Support

Section C - Property Management
Property Control Systems
Use of State-Owned Vehicles
Commercial Sales and Solicitations
Safety and Health Program
Emergency Action Plan; Business Continuity Plan
Hazard Communications Program
Smoke-Free and Tobacco-Free Agency
Bloodborne Pathogens
Infection Control
Mobile Communication Devices (Cell Phones) and Other Mobile Data Storage Devices

Section D - Personnel Management
Workers' Compensation
I-D-1.6 ​OYA Staff Wellness
​​I-D-2.0 ​Nonbudgeted Personnel Requests
Use of Language Services
Pre-employment Physical Abilities Test
Food Handlers Sanitation and Safety
Job Sharing
Hardship Leave
Staff Exit Interviews and Questionnaires
Performance Appraisals
Staff and Volunteer Recognition
Agency Training Program
Staff Training and Development
Political Activity
Staff Dress Standards
Expression of Milk and Rest Periods
Volunteer Services
OYA Identification Badges and Shields
Professional Standards Office Investigations
Criminal Records Checks; Child Abuse Registry Checks

Section E - Information Management
Director's Incident Notification and Report
Administrative Rule, Policy, Procedure, and Protocol Development
Response to Subpoenas
Research Proposals
I-E-1.4 ​Public Records Management
Records Retention, Destruction and Archiving
Public Records Requests for Agency Records
Youth Facility Case File and Medical File Protection and Transfer
Requests for Youth Information and Records
Expunction Orders
Activities Related to Crime Victims
Second Look Hearings
Sensitive Case Descriptors
OYA Media Relations
Publication Management
Information Asset Classification and Protection
I-E-3.3 ​Information Security Incident Response
Incident Reviews
Notification to Parents/Guardians
I-E-6.0 Contact with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)​
I-E-7.0 Foreign Nationals and Consular Notification/Contact​

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Youth Services - Facilities

Section A - Security
Facility Access
Facility Safety and Security Reviews
Preserving Chain of Evidence
Youth Identification Photographs [Facility]
Apprehension of Escaped Youth from OYA Facilities
Agency Case Review and DOC Early Transfer Protocol
Searches of Youth and Youth Property in OYA Facilities
Control of Tools, Hazardous Materials and Sharps in OYA Facilities
Key and Access Card Control
Interactive Supervision of Youth
Facility Youth Transports and Escorted Trips

Section B - Order
Physical Intervention in OYA Facilities
Use of Time-Out, Room-lock Other, Isolation, and Safety Programs in OYA Facilities
Behavior Management - Behavior Incentives and Reinforcing Behavior
Behavior Management - Youth Refocus Options
JJIS Living Unit Logs

Section C - Safety
Facility Fire Prevention and Evacuation

Section D - Health and Mental Health
Facility Health Services
Therapeutic Levels of Physical Health Care in OYA Facilities
Medication Management in OYA Facilities
HIV Testing of Youth in OYA Facilities
Substance Use Screening - Youth (Facilities)
Suicide Prevention in OYA Close Custody Facilities
Facility Nutrition Services
Youth Wellness

Section E - Programming

Tribal Notification [Facility]
Youth Fundraising Activities
Youth Recreational Activities
Polygraph Use with Youth Who Have Sexually Harmful Behavior - Facility
Youth Tattoo Removal Service [Facility]
English Plus – Youth [Facility]
Visits with Youth
II-E-3.0 ​Intake Review Committee; Parole Review Committee
Interfacility Transfer Requests
Youth Assessment for Risk of Sexual Reoffending - Facility
Substance Use Assessment and Treatment in OYA Facilities
Youth Work Programs
Youth Dress Standards in OYA Facilities
Youth Personal Property in OYA Facilities
​II-E-10.0 Post-secondary Education in OYA Facilities​​

Section F - Justice
Youth Rights [Facility]
Youth Grievance Process - Facility
Parole Revocation
Court-Ordered Financial Obligations [Facility]
Youth Mail in OYA Facilities
Marriage - Youth [Facility]
Youth Use of Telephones
Youth Legal Materials and Assistance
Religious Practice in Facilities

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Youth Services - Community

Section A - General Administration
Youth Incident Reports [Community]
Targeted Case Management
Youth Legal Assistance [Community]
English Plus - Youth [Community]
Youth Foster Care Eligibility, Referral, Placement, and Safety
Recreational Activities in Substitute Care Placements
Searches of Youth and Areas; Processing of Contraband
or Evidence in Community Placements
Field Office Safety and Security Standards
Unauthorized Absence from Assigned Community Location
Use of Physical Intervention and Restraints in the Community
III-A-9.0 Youth Personal Property in the Community​

Section B - Intake
Tribal Notification [Field]
New Commitments to OYA Legal Custody
Youth Identification Photographs [Community]
Youth Rights and Grievances in the Community

Section C - Case Planning and Review
Field Custody
Behavior Incentives and Reinforcing Behavior (Community)
Court-Ordered Financial Obligations [Field]
Youth Assessment for Risk of Sexual Reoffending - Community
Substance Use Disorder Screening, Assessment, and Treatment in Community Settings
Placement/Return of Youth on Interstate Compact

Section D - Case Management
Juvenile Parole/Probation Agreement
Courtesy Supervision
III-D-1.3 ​OYA Juvenile Parole/Probation Officer Contact Standards
Youth Transports and Escorts within the Community
Staff Safety: Meeting with Youth in Community Settings
Medication Management in Substitute Care
Substance Use Screening Youth (Community)
Suicide Prevention in Community Placements
Youth Tattoo Removal Service [Community]
Family Planning Services - Youth
Individualized Services
Polygraph Use with Youth Who Have Sexually Harmful Behavior – Community
Marriage - Youth [Field]
Religious Practices in Substitute Care Placements
Youth Identification/Driver’s Licenses/Permits

Section E - Case Closure
Case Closure

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