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Youth Property and Packages

Rogue Valley provides all youth with essential needs (clothing, bedding, hygiene, food) and all youth have access to a student store where they are allowed to purchase non-essential items. We provide stamps for youth in need with permission from the living unit manager.

All packages must be approved by the youth's living unit manager or case coordinator before you send them. Packages that are not pre-approved will be returned to sender.

Due to extremely limited storage space, the youth can choose how to dispose of excess personal property from the following:

  • Send to family at youth's expense or sent home at regular visitation time.
  • Donate to the facility.
  • Donate to a charitable organization.

Youth can only buy or receive $120 worth of items per month. For more information, contact the youth's case coordinator.

We will allow a small amount of personal items for the youth as listed below.


  • three pairs of ankle high socks
  • three boxers or briefs
  • one pair of pajama bottoms
  • one pair of personal athletic shoes with one pair of laces
  • one pair of personal shower shoes
  • only white, black, or gray clothing (including shoes)

Please keep tags on clothing and keep receipts. As youth move up in privilege levels, they are allowed additional clothing items.


Youth have access to a full library of books. Parents should encourage youth to use the library rather than sending them books. If you do send books, only send one paperback book at a time and only if your youth is at level 2 or higher.

Please check with the youth's living unit manager before sending.

Photo albums

Youth can have one 4x6 plastic photo album with no metal bindings or hard pieces. Do not place photos in the album for security reasons.


Stamps can be purchased at the facility canteen, or can be sent to youth.

Personal electronics

Only level 3 and above youth can have personal electronics, such as mp3 players or gaming devices, as long as they don't connect to the internet. You will be notified if your youth has reached this stage. Electronics may not exceed $100.