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Pain Management CE

Why are psychologists required to take Pain Management education?

The Oregon State Legislature created Oregon’s Pain Management Program in 1999 to raise awareness about pain management issues among healthcare providers, policy makers and the general public, and to improve access to resources.

How many hours do I need?

Seven hours of pain management-related continuing education (CE).  One hour must be an online course provided by the Oregon Pain Management Commission (OPMC)- this training is called the Pain Management Module. The remaining six hours can be your choice of pain management topics. This is a one-time requirement, so if you have already completed your pain management CE during a prior renewal period, you don't have to do it again.

Will the Pain Management CE be required in addition to the currently required forty hours?

No, qualifying Pain Management CE will be included in the total.

When do I need to have my hours completed?

New licensees must complete this requirement within their first CE reporting period, and report it at their second renewal.  For example: a candidate becomes licensed in January, 2016.  Her birth month is June, so she will have her first renewal in June, 2016 and will not be required to report any CE completed during her grace period.  When she has her second renewal in June of 2018, she will report CE for the first time and needs to have completed the pain management requirement sometime between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2018.  You must report all 7 hours of pain management CE in one reporting (i.e., do not report 1 hour in one reporting period and 6 hours in the next reporting period.)

How do I know if a particular course meets the requirements?

As with all CE requirements, the education must be a qualifying program type.  You must be able to reasonably relate the curriculum to your practice, the course must be presented by a qualified professional with expertise in the field, and you must obtain qualifying evidence of completion.

How do I prove that I have taken the Pain Management CE?

As with any other CE, licensees will attest to having completed the seven hours of pain management CE on their renewal and affidavit form. Documentation must be retained, and provided to the Board if you are audited.

Where can I find Pain Management CE courses?

Pain management CE courses are offered occasionally by recognized mental health organizations such as the Oregon Psychological Association. You may also check OPMC's list of training opportunities.

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