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Residency Overview

  • One year of post-doctoral supervised work experience, (1,500 hours) is required for licensure as a psychologist.
  • Three years of post-masters supervised work experience (4,500 hours) is required for licensure as a psychologist associate.
  • One year means 12 months, which must include at least 50 weeks of qualifying psychological services performed.
  • A Resident Supervision Contract is for those who have not already completed the post-degree experience requirement.
  • Post-degree supervised work experience completed in Oregon on or after August 1, 2018 must be in a Board-approved resident supervision contract in order for the experience to qualify towards the one year of post-doctoral supervised work experience required for licensure.  Work completed at an Oregon “exempt site” outside of a residency contract on or after August 1, 2018 does not count.

Beginning a Residency

To begin your residency in Oregon, you must have an approved resident contract (form below).  Please see the FAQ below for information on exempt sites. You may submit your proposed resident contract as part of the online application process, however a residency contract cannot be approved until your application for licensure is complete (all documents are received) and has been reviewed and approved (i.e., when you are a candidate for licensure).  You may not begin practicing or use the title "psychologist resident" / "psychologist associate resident" until your residency contract has been approved by the Board.


Know the Rules

Ending a Residency

Residents must submit the following forms via the Licensee Portal within 30 days of the conclusion or termination of the residency contract:
  • Final Evaluation of Resident Form - to be completed by the primary and associate supervisor (together, if applicable) at the end of the residency, and submitted to the Board's office.
  • Final Evaluation of Supervisor Form - to be completed by the resident at the end of the residency. Please send in the attestation slip only.
  • Submit your completed Hours Log(s). (Record of Supervised Hours Form, above)

Residency Supervisors

Please visit our Supervisors Webpage for the following resources:
  • Supervisor Registry: A list of Oregon licensed psychologists who are available to provide supervision services to residents, with information about their training and experience in the area of supervision.
  • Supervisor Training & Helpful Documents: Residents should also take the time to review these helpful documents to better understand the supervision process and requirements.