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PUC Website Navigation Guide

This Guide will to Help You: 

  1. Find information and documents for specific proceedings (dockets), 
  2. Find links to public meetings or other PUC events (upcoming and archived), 
  3. Submit comments to the PUC (as a member of the public or as a party to a case), and
  4. Stay informed on the status of a specific proceeding (docket).

What’s a Docket: How the PUC organizes information

How to Navigate the Site for a Specific Proceeding (Docket)

Find information and documents for a specific docket:
  • Click the eDocket link found on the top of every page.
  • Once the eDocket search page loads, click the box before “By Docket Number” and enter the docket number for the proceeding you’d like to see. (i.e. UM 2225).
  • Click “Next” on the bottom of that page.
  • You should now be on the eDocket page for your selected docket.

Navigating the page of a specific docket:
  • Once the page of your selected docket loads, you will find the docket number, name, description, and other details listed at the top
  • This page contains 3 tabs:
    • Actions – A list of the documents filed in that docket. Includes a description of the document, the date when it was filed, and the type of action that the document represents. To view a document, click on the pdf icon. 
    • Service List – A list of who gets all emails about actions in that docket. 
    • Schedule – A list of past and upcoming events for that docket.

Information about Public Meetings & Other PUC Events 

  • From any page on the website, select the “News & Events” drop-down at the top, then select “Upcoming Events” or “Events Archive.”
  • At the top you’ll see “Upcoming Events,” where you’ll find links to agendas 2-3 weeks in advance. 
    • Special Public Meetings -- Specific to a docket.
    • Regular Public Meetings – Typically held every other Tuesday, this meeting is used to address a variety of items to be considered as a group as part of the consent agenda, or individually a part of the regular agenda.  
      • To know if your issue is going to be heard at a public meeting, view the agenda to ensure it is listed there.
      • The public can offer comments on any issue NOT on the agenda at the beginning of the regular public meeting. Please note, the Commissioners will NOT respond or ask questions about your comments. Learn more about what to expect during a regular public meeting.
  • Scroll toward the bottom of the page to view the Events Archive organized by year. Here you will find links to agendas, minutes, and video recordings. 

Comment on a Specific Docket – General Public or Party to a Case

General Public: How to submit a comment
Oregon Public Utility Commission
Attn: AHD – [include docket number]
PO Box 1088
Salem, OR  97308-1088
Contact Staff or the Administrative Law Judge assigned to a specific docket listed on an agenda, or on a docket summary page. 

Party to a Case: How to submit a comment
  • Include the following in your comment:
    • The docket number and title, if you know it.
    • Your comments - a description of your position and any supporting arguments, with footnotes where you are citing other documents.
    • Your name and contact information.
  • Submit your comments via email to, preferably with your comments attached as a pdf document. Be sure to list the docket number in the subject line of your email.
  • If there is a comment deadline noted in the docket schedule, please keep that in mind to ensure your comments are filed in a timely manner. 

Stay Informed of the Status of a Specific Docket

General Public  

You may request to be added to the distribution list to receive publicly available documents for a specific docket. Submit a request to or call 503-378-6678. Be sure to note the docket number of interest in the subject line of your email. 

Party to a Case

If you are a party to a case, you will automatically be included in the service list noted on the website. To check if you’re listed, view the “Service List” tab on the docket summary page. If you are not listed but believe you should be, you may contact the filing center at the email listed above.

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