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Telephone Service Quality

The PUC’s Role

The Oregon Public Utility Commission (PUC) has rules to ensure service quality standards for telecommunications services, specifically landline services, meet customer needs. Those rules are:
  • OAR 860-023-0055 – Standards for companies with 50,000-plus access lines
  • OAR 860-034-0390 – Standards for companies with less than 50,000 access lines
  • OAR 860-032-0012 – Standards for competitive telephone companies with 1,000-plus access lines

Tracking Service Quality

The PUC collects data from all landline telephone companies, except for cooperatives (member-owned) telecommunications carriers, that have at least 1,000 local access lines. These companies provide service quality data to the PUC, which then analyzes the data to ensure service quality standards are met. View Telecommunications Service Quality Reports for more information.
To view the most recent service report for your provider, please contact Scott Shearer.

Concerns about Service Quality

If you have concerns about the quality of your telecommunications (landline) service:
  1. Contact your landline service provider to resolve your issue.
  2. If not resolved to your satisfaction, contact the PUC’s Consumer Services team by email or call 503-378-6600 or 800-522-2404.

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  • 503-378-6600
  • 800-522-2404
  • TTY or dial 711

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