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Petition for Regulation

Who can Petition for Regulation

There are two avenues for a water utility customer to petition for regulation by the Oregon Public Utility Commission (PUC):
  1. If you are a customer of an association – An “association” can be explained as individual members who own, operate, manage, or control a water system that provides service only to its members, which could include HOA or mobile park water facilities, for example. Associations are not typically regulated by the PUC, but customers with concerns about service quality or rates can petition for rate regulation. If the PUC receives petitions from 20 percent of the association’s members and determines that regulation is in the best interest of the customers, the PUC will issue an order establishing the water utility as a regulated utility.
  2. If you are a customer of a water utility serving 500 customers or less and you recently received notification of the utility’s desire to increase rates – Utilities serving less than 500 customers are not generally rate regulated unless the utility wants to increase their customer’s average monthly bill above a ‘threshold level’ established by the PUC. Before the utility can increase rates above that established threshold, they must give you 60 days’ notice before the increase would go into effect. If at least 20 percent of the customers submit valid petitions, the PUC will issue an order establishing them as a rate-regulated water utility. This means the PUC will evaluate their proposed rates and require an official filing if the utility wishes to increase rates in the future. If the PUC does not receive the sufficient number of valid customer petitions, the water utility’s proposed rates will go into effect on the date indicated in the notice.
 Note: Customers of municipal and publicly-owned water utilities are not eligible to petition for rate regulation.

How to Petition for Rate Regulation

Download the petition form and mail the original completed and signed form to: 
Oregon Public Utility Commission
Attn: Consumer Services
PO Box 1088
Salem, OR 97308-1088
Copies of petitions are not accepted and may not be sent electronically.

Relevant Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) to Reference

  • OAR 860-036-1930 – Petitioning for rate regulation of an association
  • OAR 860-036-1910 – Thresholds for utilities serving 500 or fewer customers
  • OAR 860-036-1920 – Notice requirements and customers right to petition for rate regulation