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Performance and Holdings

Performance and Holdings

2018 VALUE
2019 VALUE
Public Employees' Retirement Fund (OPERF) $75,094 $82,075
Oregon Short Term Fund (OSTF) * 17,375 20,707
State Accident Insurance Fund (SAIF) 4,560 4,892
Common School Fund (CSF) 1,572 1,901
Oregon Vets Bond Sinking Fund 98 112
Department of Consumer & Business Affairs Fund 284 319
Department of Administrative Services Funds 142 151
Other Funds 1,588 1,419
Total 100,696 111,576
*Most of the State's operations are run out of the Oregon Short-Term Fund, which includes many smaller funds. This balance excludes cash balances reported as a component of fund balances for other listed funds.

Fund Balances - Quarterly

Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund

OPERF is managed by Treasury under policies and asset allocation targets set by the Oregon Investment Council. The Council's statutory mandate is to achieve the highest return possible on its investments. Treasury invests the pension fund for positive risk-adjusted returns, but does not set benefits or administer the Oregon Public Employees Retirement System itself.

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