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Position Management and More

A critical role of Human Resources (HR) is to manage positions for the agency and find ways to meet workload need. Funding has a major impact on both. Temporary workload increases, or difficulty finding qualified applicants presents a challenge to HR. At times positions are only funded on a temporary basis and HR must determine what to do with those employees when the funding runs out. Agencies hire employees on a permanent full-time, permanent part-time, limited duration, seasonal and temporary basis.  There are procedures for hiring employees through a competitive process, provisions for making direct appointments to positions, provisions for hiring retirees from the State of Oregon and filling positions in other than what positions are classified.  
Most positions are permanent and are full-time or part-time, the positions are filled according to the intended classification and position description. When filling positions, check the appropriate Collective Bargaining Agreement or policy for correct procedures. Seek assistance from DAS Labor Relations UnitDAS Human Resource Policy UnitDAS Executive Recruitments, the agency's or DAS Budget Analyst, or the DAS Classification and Compensation unit for other assistance.
Each agency has an individual or a team of individuals who are responsible for the agency budget. Each agency has a liaison from the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) Budget and Management (BAM) section that can guide the agency through the budget process and answer questions about the budget.
HR must work with the budget section of their agency and DAS BAM to establish and fund positions or fund work accomplished through other than established positions.
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