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Posters & Notices


New all-in-one posters are available to purchase! These new posters include required postings valid July 1, 2020. Agricultural employer poster coming soon.

Due to COVID-19, there are additional required posters through the end of 2020:
Oregon employers are required by a number of state and federal agencies to display a variety of workplace notices and posters.  Typically, these notices must be posted in a conspicuous place, where employees may regularly view them.  Employers with more than one work location are generally required to display these posters at each worksite.

Certain posters must also be readily available for job applicants to view.  These include the federal Polygraph Protection Act Notice; the federal Family and Medical Leave Act poster; and the "Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law" poster. 

Small Employers (Less than 25 employees)
Small Oregon employers need to provide the following postings. You can purchase a large all-in-one poster for $17 or download and print each one individually.

1) Oregon minimum wage poster (or choose B & W version)

&  Breaks and Overtime

2) Oregon OSHA poster

3) Oregon Protections for Victims of Domestic Violence, Harassment, Sexual Assault & Stalking poster

4) Federal Minimum Wage poster

5) "EEO is the Law" poster

6) Federal Polygraph Protection Notice

7) Federal USERRA (military rights) poster

8) Equal Pay poster

Large Oregon Employers (25 or more employees)
You can purchase a large all-in-one poster for $17 or download and print each one individually. In addition to the postings listed above, large employers will need to post information regarding:

1) Oregon Family Leave Act​

2) Federal Family and Medical Leave Act

Agricultural Employers
You can purchase a large all-in-one poster for $22 or download and print each one individually. In addition to most of the postings listed for large employers, agricultural employers need to display the following additional notices:

1) Migrant & Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act Poster

2) Field Sanitation Notice

3) “Protect yourself from pesticides” Poster

4) BOLI Notice to Agricultural Employees

Composite Posters for all Commonly Required Posters

To make staying compliant as easy as possible BOLI’s Technical Assistance program produces three composite posters that combine all the commonly required postings into one for small employers, large employers, or agricultural employers. The posters cost either $17.00 or $22.00.  Previews and ordering information are available on our TA Publications Page.  Please note that the carrier used to ship the posters is USPS. If you do not have a mail receptacle, you must use a PO Box as your shipping address.


Information about posters not regulated by the Bureau of Labor and Industries is provided here as a courtesy to employers. If you have questions regarding a specific poster or requirement, you must contact the issuing agency (e.g., EEOC, OR-OSHA, etc.) directly. 

The posters listed here are general requirements only. Your industry may have additional requirements that you might be responsible to post.

There are many private companies across the country in the business of selling labor law posters. The Bureau of Labor and Industries is NOT associated in any way with these organizations. Before you purchase posters, be sure to contact the appropriate regulatory agency to verify that the poster is required and determine how to obtain the posters for FREE from that agency.         




Effective July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021
Who Must Post? Employers with 25 or more employees in Oregon.
Download Oregon Family Leave Act poster - English. 
Download Oregon Family Leave Act poster - Spanish.
Who Must Post? Employers with 6 or more employees in Oregon.

Download DVHS​AS poster - English. 
Download DVHSAS poster - Spanish.
Download Oregon Equal Pay Poster - English
Download Oregon Equal Pay Poster - Spanish
Who Must Post? Employers with one or more employees.
Download Safety and Health poster - English.
Download Safety and Health poster - Spanish. 
For additional information, contact:
          Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division (OSHA)
          Resource Center
          800-922-2689 (Oregon only)
Other forms and resources are available online from the OSHA​ website.
Who Must Post? Required for all businesses under Oregon’s Smokefree Workplace Law to prohibit smoking in the workplace and within 10 feet of all entrances, exits, windows and air intake vents. 

Download Smokefree Workplace Decal (required posting) and tobacco prevention materials. 

For additional information, contact:
          Health Services
          Oregon’s Smokefree Workplace
          866-621-6107  Information Line
          877-270-7867  Quit Smoking Program
          877-777-6534  TTY  
​​Who Must Post? Employers of agricultural employees

Download Field Sanitation Notice - English. 
Download Field Sanitation Notice - Spanish​.

**Note! – OR-OSHA has issued a COVID version of the Field Sanitation Notice.


Use this COVID version through October 2020:


Download COVID Field Sanitation Notice – English & Spanish available. ​

  • Live Entertainment Workers: What Are My Rights?  (regulated by BOLI)
Who Must Post? Operators of live entertainment facilities
Download the Live Entertainment Workers poster, which is required to be displayed in a conspicuous manner in enough places to be read by all persons working in the establishment.
Have questions or want information about your rights?
Call 1-844-304-BOLI (2654) for assistance or to make a complaint.
Complaints may be made anonymously and confidentially
  • Oregon Employee Work Schedules (regulated by BOLI)  Effective July 1, 2018
Who Must Post? Retail, hospitality or food services establishments that employ 500 or more employees worldwide who are primarily engaged in providing retail, hospitality or food services.

Download Oregon Employee Work Schedules poster - English.
Download Oregon Employee Work Schedules poster - Spanish.
  • Domestic Violence, Harrassment, Sexual Assault or Stalking Protections (regulated by BOLI, Civil Rights Division) 
Who Must Post? - State Agencies.

Download DVHSAS poster.


  • Sick Time 
Who Must Post? All Oregon employers must provide written notice of the requirements of Oregon's sick time law by:
(a) Distributing the written notice to each employee personally, by regular mail or email, or by including it with a paycheck;
(b) Incorporating the written notice into a handbook or manual made available to employees, whether in a print or electronic format; or
(c) Posting the written notice in a conspicuous and accessible location in each workplace of the employer.​

Download  - English
Download​  - Spanish​​

  • ​​Workplace Bullying

Download  - English
Download​  - Spanish


  • Workers’ Compensation Notice of Compliance (regulated by Workers’ Compensation Division of DCBS)
Who Must Post? All employers who are required to provide workers' compensation coverage for their employees. 
Employers receive this notice from the Workers’ Compensation Division after they purchase workers' compensation insurance. Employers not receiving the notice or requiring a duplicate notice should contact the Workers’ Compensation Division.
Order Form for your Workers Compensation Notice and information about the Notice of Compliance poster. You can also contact them at:
          Workers’ Compensation Division
          Employer Compliance
  • Employment Insurance Notice (Form 11) (regulated by Employment Department)
Who Must Post? Employers with at least a $1000 payroll in a calendar quarter and employers with one or more workers during 18 different weeks in a calendar year.
The Employment Department automatically sends this notice after an account is set up or reopened. Employers can order a duplicate if necessary. When ordering a duplicate, employers will need their business identification number.
You will find additional information and an order form at www.oregon.gov/employ/tax. You can also contact them at:
            Employment Department
            Unemployment Insurance Tax Unit
            Forms Hotline: 503-947-1488, Option 3  
  • Federal Minimum Wage poster (regulated by the USDOL)
The Federal Minimum Wage increased from $6.55 per hour to $7.25 per hour effective July 24, 2009. The current poster is available from the U.S. Department of Labor.

Who Must Post? All employers subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act. 

Download Federal Minimum Wage poster - English. 
Federal Minimum Wage poster - Spanish. 
  • Employee Polygraph Protection Act poster (regulated by the USDOL)
Who Must Post?
All employers engaged in commerce. 
Download Polygraph Protection Act Notice - English.
Download Polygraph Protection Act Notice - Spanish. 
  • Family and Medical Leave Poster (regulated by the USDOL)
Who Must Post? Employers with 50 or more workers during 20 weeks of the current or previous year.
Download Family and Medical Leave Act poster - English.
Download Family and Medical Leave Act poster - Spanish.
For additional information and ordering, contact:
          U.S. Department of Labor
          Wage and Hour Division 
  • "Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law" poster (regulated by Equal Employment Opportunity Commission)
Who Must Post? Employers with 15 or more employees during 20 weeks of the current or previous year (including employment agencies and labor organizations).
ADA required postings are included in this poster. 
Download Equal Employment Opportunity "EEO is the Law" poster.
For additional information and ordering, contact:
          Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
          206-220-6883 (for information)
          800-669-3362 (to order posters)  
  • The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) poster (regulated by the USDOL, Veteran’s Employment and Training Service)
Who Must Post?  Employers are required to provide to persons entitled to the rights and benefits under USERRA, a notice of the rights, benefits and obligations of such persons and such employers under USERRA. 
Download USERRA poster - English only.
For additional information and ordering, contact:
          U.S. Department of Labor
          Veteran’s Employment and Training Service


  • Migrant & Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act Poster​ (regulated by US DOL)
Download​ MSPA - Bilingual English and Spanish.

Download Protect yourself from Pesticides - English.
Download Protect yourself from Pesticides - Spanish.
Download​ Protect yourself from Pesticides - Bilingual.

 ​Updated: May 2020