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Proposed rulemaking related to IPM in schools

Temporary Rule Prohibiting the Use of Aminocyclopyrachlor on Rights-Of-Way

ODA enacted a temporary rule prohibiting the use of any pesticide product containing the active ingredient aminocyclopyrachlor on right-of-way (ROW) sites, OAR 603-057-0391. The Temporary Administrative Rule will be in effect for 180 days, September 28, 2018-March 26, 2019.​

Details can be found on ODA's Pesticide Rulemaking webpage​.

Pesticide advisories 


The Oregon Bee Project

​A home for bee friendly resources and tools, as well the Oregon Bee Atlas, and information about flagship farms, Oregon Innovators, and Pollinator Week 2018. 

​More pollinator information can be found on ODA's Pollinator Issues webpage​

Bulletins and news


ODA Pesticide Bulletin​

ODA Pesticide Bulletin — Fall Issue (2018)

In this issue: A look at the new temporary rule that prohibits use of aminocyclopyrachlor on rights-of-way; Oregon Bee Project releases a strategic plan; a reminder that pesticide products are registered annually in Oregon; how and where to dispose of unwanted pesticide products; ways to ensure recertification credits are assigned correctly; update on latest round of Japanese beetle treatment; plus, fertilizer and pesticide violation lists. Pesticide fall newsletter

ODA Pesticide Bulletin — Spring Issue (2019)

Among the stories in this issue: Steps to take to reduce the risk of drift; new license category added for School Integrated Pest Management; how to file a complaint with the Pesticide Program; labeling rules for secondary and service containers; Oregon Bee Project adds new resources; and a look back at the regulatory work of ODA's Fertilizer Program. Pesticide spring newsletter

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