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2018 Boilerplate Special Provisions


The following boilerplate special provisions are to be used with the 2018 Standard Specifications.

Suggest changes to the 2018 Boilerplate Special Provisions using the Specification Change Request page.

Boilerplate Sets by Effective Date

The following files contain a complete set of the 2018 Boilerplate Special Provisions, by date.

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Phone: 503-986-4040

General Inquiries

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Discipline-specific Contacts

2018 Boilerplate Special Provisions

Part 00000 - Documents and Forms

Part 00100 - General Conditions

Part 00200 - Temporary Features and Appurtenances

Part 00300 - Roadwork

Part 00400 - Drainage and Sewers

Part 00500 - Bridges

Part 00600 - Bases

Part 00700 - Wearing Surfaces

Part 00800 - Permanent Traffic Safety and Guidance Devices

Part 00900 - Permanent Traffic Control and Illumination Systems

Part 01000 - Right of Way Development and Control

Part 01100 - Water Supply Systems

Part 02000 - Materials

Part 03000 - Materials

There are no boilerplate special provisions for this section.

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