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Geodetic Control and Benchmark Retrieval

Geodetic control stakeThe Geodetic Control Group is responsible for maintaining and enhancing the statewide network of GPS reference stations in support of current and future transportation projects and to facilitate the advancement in positioning technologies. This includes:

  • Maintaining an inventory of the location, condition and data for benchmarks and other reference stations.
  • Facilitating establishment of permanent GPS correction broadcast sites.
  • Administering consultant contracts in conjunction with statewide geodetic control issues.
  • Coordinating efforts of agency and consultant forces involved with any of the activities.

Benchmark Retrieval

When requesting a benchmark, we ask that you first try option A. If you cannot find what you need from the National Geodetic Survey, then use options B or C.

For Google Earth users, the All Oregon Benchmarks file is available for personal use in your Google Earth application.

​Visit the National Geodetic Survey website. Select "Survey Mark Datasheets," to conduct your search.

This is the preferred method.

​Send your request to ODOT through the online form, email or fax.

Currently there is no charge to the public for simple requests. However, labor intensive requests may require a fee.

Option 1

Complete the attached form (734-2682) and return it to the Geometronics Unit via email.

Option 2

Collect the following information and return it via email or fax at 503-986-3548.

  • Your name.
  • Your organization or company.
  • Your phone number.
  • Bench mark designation, i.e. G141 Reset.
  • Bench mark agency, i.e. US Coast and Geodetic Survey, City of Hillsboro, Deschutes County, etc.
  • Bench mark year, if any, stamped on the bench mark.
  • Other markings, if any, stamped on the bench mark, i.e. 141.28 ft. ref.
  • Detailed location of the benchmark, i.e. On the curb at the southwest corner of the intersection of NW Everett and 10th streets in Portland, Oregon.
  • Map of benchmark location, with area of interest clearly marked.

If you are an ODOT employee, and working on a STIP project, please provide an EA number.

Which types of maps are best?

  • MapQuest - Use this site if you are looking for photos that contain many streets. The street names can come in handy. Once you have navigated to the correct map, click the "move location" button at the bottom of the map, then click inside the map to place the red star at the center of your area of interest. MapQuest also has made emailing and printing their maps easy; these buttons are located above the map.
  • Topozone - This site contains seamless USGS Quads. Use this for rural areas and include a detailed description of the area.
    • After you have navigated to the area in question, select the "Show Target Symbol" checkbox and click the exact area of focus.
    • If emailing: Click in the address/location window to highlight the URL. Right click and copy the URL and paste it into the body of your email.
    • If faxing: Print a copy of the map and include it with your submission.

​If the bench mark is that of the Army Corps of Engineers visit the Survey Monument Archival and Retrieval Tool (U-SMART) or contact:

Clifford Bondurant, Surveyor
Army Corps of Engineers, Portland District
Phone: 503-808-4361

Contact the Geometronics Unit

800 Airport Road SE
Salem, Oregon 97301
Fax: 503-986-3548

Program Leads

Phone: 503-881-2889

Phone: 503-779-5069

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