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Registration Services

Appointments for In-Person Business

Appointments are the fastest, most efficient way to get in-person service. To schedule an appointment for motor carrier services:
  • Email an Appointment Request to our CCD Team.
  • Call Salem Headquarters at 503-378-6699.
  • Call Jantzen Beach/Portland Bridge office at 971-673-5900.
Prepare for Your Appointment with CCD
Please see our Appointment Checklist. Forms can be filled out online and printed or emailed using Internet Explorer or Adobe Reader. Sign all forms requiring signatures.
New COVID-19 Requirements for CCD Customers
Beginning Monday, August 2, 2021, face coverings (not face shields) are required for any customers entering Commerce and Compliance Division (CCD) spaces, regardless of vaccination status. Read the full announcement.
Walk-In Service
Commerce and Compliance Division (CCD) services expanded in July to allow for walk-in services. Appointments will be given priority. Motor carriers are welcome to come to a CCD office for standby services but should be prepared for long wait times.

Temporary Registration and Tax Enrollment

BEFORE operating in Oregon, use your Oregon Trucking Online account to purchase temporary credentials or enroll your vehicles in the CCD Weight Mile Tax program.
  • ​Provide your U.S. DOT number if operating privately or for-hire and vehicle(s) weigh over 10,000 pounds. Apply for a U.S. DOT Number.
  • Date(s) of travel.
  • Driver(s) full legal name(s).
  • Route Traveled or number of miles needed to be purchased.
  • Commodities.
  • Vehicle Information:
    o Power unit base plate.
    o Jurisdiction.
    o Type.
    o Year.
    o Make.
    o Vehicle Identification Number — Complete 17 digit VIN.
    o Unit number.
    o Odometer.
    o Truck own or lease information.
  • Registered weight.
  • Operating weight — The heaviest weight at which the vehicle will operate during the 10 day permit.
  • Registration Cab Card — Apportioned Registration.
  • Registration — Temporary or Registration Trip Permit.
  • Method of payment — credit card (Visa or MasterCard only).
  • Fax number or email address to send the registration and/or permit.
  • Temporary Passes are set up for short-term use only.
  • Motor carriers are responsible for all tax enrolled vehicles under the account, including leased or rented vehicles.
  • When a carrier will not be operating in Oregon, it is advisable to cancel tax enrollment.

Motor Carriers with Established Accounts

  1. Must enroll vehicles operating in Oregon into the weight-mile tax program if:
    - They must report and pay weight-mile tax monthly or quarterly.
    - Are no longer eligible for temporary passes.
  2. Pay weight-mile tax monthly or quarterly.
  3. Provide a highway use tax bond to insure the payment of fees, taxes, charges, penalties and interest. See our Bond and Insurance Information.
  4. Can use Oregon Trucking Online to:
    - Get Temporary Enrollment Documents (TEDs) and registration credentials.
    - Issue, cancel and amend most permits and passes.
    - Update your current vehicle list. There are no fees charged when adding, 
       amending or deleting vehicles from your account.
    - Register vehicles. Newly registered tax liable vehicles are enrolled in the 
       weight-mile tax program at the time of registration.
    - File weight-mile tax reports and IFTA returns.
Oregon-Based Motor Carriers
Oregon-based motor carriers renewing their Oregon vehicle registration will be issued registration cab cards and stickers for the next calendar year and their weight-mile tax enrollment is rolled over for the next calendar year.
  1. Register your commercial vehicle(s) weighing over 26,000 pounds at the heaviest loaded weight it will operate in Oregon during the year.
  2. Pay an annual fee according to the appropriate fee table. See our Report Your Taxes web page.
Out-of-State Motor Carriers
Out-of-state motor carriers with an established Oregon Motor Carrier Account will enroll their vehicle(s) by mail, phone or using Oregon Trucking Online (TOL). Carriers that enroll vehicles will receive a weekly list as confirmation for these additions. A vehicle is enrolled until the motor carrier cancels the vehicle’s enrollment.

Oregon Weight-Mile Tax Enrollment Application (form 9076) — Out-of-State Vehicle Registration
Heavy Motor Vehicle Trip Permit
  • Trip permits must be obtained BEFORE operation. Motor carriers need this permit if:
  • The vehicle's gross weight is over 26,000 pounds and\or has 3 axles.
  • The vehicle(s) does not have registration (expired or no plates).
  • Oregon does not appear on the registration cab card.

The truck driver must have the Registration or Cab Card for information.

  • Cost: $43.
  • Duration: 10 days.

Heavy Trailer Trip Permit
A permit is required for trailers which are not registered already.

Temporary Pass
Motor carriers are issued this permit when:

  • Valid payment of the weight-mile tax is received up front.
  • The combined gross weight of truck, trailer and load exceeds 26,000 pounds.
The maximum number of Temporary passes for an account is five or more for one unit or 35 in a rolling 12 month period.
  • Cost: $9 plus weight-mile tax for each mile operated in the state.
  • Duration: 10 days.
Temporary Registration Weight Increase
This credential is issued to temporarily increase Commercial or Apportioned registration weight of a vehicle for a period of ten days.

The following uses for this credential are decided on a case by case basis.
  • Declare tax paid at a higher weight for the vehicle.
  • Obtain an oversize or overweight permit when operating over 80,000 pounds and/or legal load dimensions.
  • Get a special permit such as Road Use Assessment Fees by way of a Single Trip Permit.

Temporary Enrollment Document

  • Issue by CCD or by way of Oregon Trucking Online when the vehicle is subject to weight-mile tax and currently has no base plate on the vehicle.
  • When the base plate is received and mounted, this temporary enrollment document must be cancelled and the vehicle must be enrolled in Oregon’s Weight-Mile Tax Program with the current plate number.
Hazardous Materials
Permit information for transporting hazardous materials is on our Truck Safety web page.

Motor carriers need to enroll in the Oregon Weight-Mile Tax Program if:

  • They must report weight-mile tax.
  • Have an established account.
  • Are no longer eligible for temporary passes.

Oregon Weight-Mile Tax Enrollment Application (form 9076) — Out-of-State Vehicle Registration

For instructions and tax forms, visit our Report Your Taxes web page.

Renewal season for commercial registration runs from October to February. See our Motor Carrier Renewal web page for details.
Please read our:

​Temporary pass and trip permit fees are generally non-refundable but carriers can request a tax credit by completing the following form.

Notice to Carriers Requesting a Credit on Temporary Credentials (form 9758)

See our Forms and Tables web page for more information about:
  • Interstate Operations.
  • International  Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA).
  • Apportioned Registration Program (IRP).

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