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Motor Carrier Renewal

Renewal Season 2022

Renewal information will be available online and mailed in October 2021. Renewal for commercial registration runs from October to February. Please read our Requirements for Oregon Registration.

​Any motor carrier registered to operate in Oregon can apply for a password to access our secure Oregon Trucking Online website to register vehicles, check status, manage account information and more.
How Do I Set Up an Oregon Trucking Online Account?
  1. Set up an account with the Commerce and Compliance Division.
  2. Go to the Oregon Trucking Online website to Request a PIN.
  3. Follow the instructions on the PIN Request Form.
  4. The PIN Request Form must be signed by an Owner, Partner, LLC Member/Manager, Corporate Officer or someone possessing a Power of Attorney (form 9654). The POA must be on file or attached or it will be returned.
  5. Submit your PIN Request Form electronically to the Commerce and Compliance Division.
  6. PIN Request Forms will be addressed by end of next business day.
  7. Upon Approval, you will receive a confirmation email with a temporary PIN password.
  8. Login to Oregon Trucking Online with your name, file number and temporary password and change to a permanent password.
Other Services
Registration Services — Motor carrier registration and permit information.
Oregon Truck Safety — Oregon driver and motor carrier safety information.
Direct Payment — Sign up for our free service to pay all transactions electronically.
Green Light Preclearance Program Brochure — Program information.
Email and Contact Update Form — Oregon Trucking Online — Use this form to:
  • Request a new PIN.
  • Update business contact information and email address.
Appointments are the fastest, most efficient way to get in-person service. To schedule an appointment for motor carrier services:
  • Email an Appointment Request to our CCD Team.
  • Call Salem Headquarters at 503-378-6699.
  • Call Jantzen Beach/Portland Bridge office at 971-673-5900.
Prepare for Your Appointment with CCD
Please see our Renewal Appointment Checklist. Forms can be filled out online and printed or emailed using Internet Explorer or Adobe Reader. Sign all forms requiring signatures.
New COVID-19 Requirements for CCD Customers
Beginning Monday, August 2, 2021, face coverings (not face shields) are required for any customers entering Commerce and Compliance Division (CCD) spaces, regardless of vaccination status. Read the full announcement.
Walk-In Service
Commerce and Compliance Division (CCD) services will expanded in July allowing for walk-in services. Appointments will be given priority. Motor carriers are welcome to come to a CCD office for standby services but should be prepared for long wait times.
​Tax liability continues for all vehicle(s) and tax reports must be filed until all vehicle(s) enrolled in the Oregon Weight-Mile Tax Program are cancelled by you or Commerce and Compliance Division (CCD).
​Carriers that have completed their IFTA renewal may operate on their current IFTA license and decals through February 28. The display grace period applies only to carriers who have renewed their IFTA license. IFTA jurisdictions may take enforcement action against a motor carrier operating during the display grace period whose IFTA license has not yet been renewed. The IFTA license is valid for the current calendar year and expires December 31 regardless of the date the license was obtained.
Please read our IFTA renewal instructions.
Contact the Oregon IFTA Unit if you have any questions.
Phone: 503-373-1634
Fax: 503-378-5765
​Vehicles that operate in more than one jurisdiction (state or province) must get either permanent or temporary registration in each of those jurisdictions.
Please read our IRP renewal instructions.
Contact the Apportioned Registration Unit with any questions.
Phone: 503-378-6643
Fax: 503-378-5765
IRP Application Materials
Schedule A — Oregon IRP and IFTA Combined Application (form 9908)
Schedule B — Oregon IRP Mileage (form 9685)
Schedule C — Apportioned Registration Form (Oregon Truck, Tractor and Bus Addition/Update) form 96840
Schedule C-T — Oregon IRP Tow/Toter Addition/Update (form 9684t)
Schedule R — Oregon Proof of Residency (form 9914)
Oregon Motor Carrier Account Application (form 9075)
Oregon Weight-Mile Tax Enrollment Application (form 9076)
Power of Attorney (form 9654)
Oregon Class 1A Permit Application (form 9745)
USDOT Questionnaire (form 9755)
Oregon Registration Fee Schedule (form 9922-2020)
Flat Monthly Fees Rate Table (form 9927-2020)
Weight-Mile Tax Tables A and B (form 9928-2020)
Interstate Heavy Motor Vehicle — Registration Fee Table (form 9969-2020)
Interstate Tow/Recovery and Manufactured Structure Toter — Registration Fee Table (form 9970-2020)
IRP Requirements Form (form 9972)
Forms can be filled out online and printed or emailed using Internet Explorer or Adobe Reader. Sign all forms requiring signatures.
Foreign-Based Carriers / No intrastate (Oregon) For-Hire Operations
Foreign Based Interstate Only Forms

Foreign-Based Carriers with Intrastate For-Hire Operations in Oregon
Foreign Based Intrastate For-Hire Forms
Oregon Based Interstate Carriers
Oregon Based Interstate Carriers Forms

Oregon-Based Interstate Carriers / No Intrastate For-Hire Operations
Oregon Based Private Carriers Forms

Oregon-Based Intrastate Only Carriers with For-Hire Operations
Oregon Based For-Hire Operations – Intrastate Only Forms

Transport For-Hire in Oregon including Household Goods
Household Goods Application Forms
Oregon Only Operations
Oregon Motor Carrier Account Application (form 9075)
Power of Attorney (form 9654)
Schedule R — Oregon Proof of Residency (form 9914)​
Oregon Commercial Registration Application (form 9691)
Oregon Class 1A Permit Application (form 9745)
USDOT Questionnaire (form 9755)
Oregon Registration Fee Schedule (form 9922-2020)
Flat Monthly Fees Rate Table (form 9927-2020)
Weight-Mile Tax Tables A and B (form 9928-2020)
Farm Applications
Farm Certification Application (form 9670)
Out-of-State Farm Application (form 9477)

Transport Intrastate For-Hire Commodities
Oregon Class 1A Permit Application (form 9745)
Application for Oregon Intrastate Permit to Transport Passengers (form 9057) — Regular Route Full Service Scheduled Transportation
Application for Oregon Intrastate Permit to Transport Persons (form 9751) — Irregular Route Service
  • Includes sightseeing tour operations and/or seasonal regular route operations.
  • Not in regular route full-service scheduled transportation.

Annual Report — Household Goods Motor Carrier (form 9208)

Manufactured Structure Toters Registration
Commercial Registration Application — Manufactured Structure Toter (form 9935) Oregon based intrastate carriers
  • Manufactured structure toters must be registered at the “fully equipped for service” weight, including tools, blocks, tractors, etc.
  • The registration weight does not include the weight of a manufactured structure, a special use trailer or travel trailer.
Forms can be filled out online and printed or emailed using Internet Explorer or Adobe Reader. Sign all forms requiring signatures.
Assumed Business Name and other Business Registration Services — Oregon Secretary of State, Corporation Division Forms

Motor Carriers with Established Accounts

  1. Must enroll vehicles operating in Oregon into the weight-mile tax program if:
    - They must report and pay weight-mile tax monthly or quarterly.
    - Are no longer eligible for temporary passes.
  2. Pay weight-mile tax monthly or quarterly.
  3. Provide a highway use tax bond to insure the payment of fees, taxes, charges, penalties and interest. See our Bond and Insurance Information.
  4. Can use Oregon Trucking Online to:
    - Get Temporary Enrollment Documents (TEDs) and registration credentials.
    - Issue, cancel and amend most permits and passes.
    - Update your current vehicle list. There are no fees charged when adding, 
       amending or deleting vehicles from your account.
    - Register vehicles. Newly registered tax liable vehicles are enrolled in the 
       weight-mile tax program at the time of registration.
    - File weight-mile tax reports and IFTA returns.
Oregon-Based Motor Carriers
Oregon-based motor carriers renewing their Oregon vehicle registration will be issued registration cab cards and stickers for the next calendar year and their weight-mile tax enrollment is rolled over for the next calendar year.
  1. Register your commercial vehicle(s) weighing over 26,000 pounds at the heaviest loaded weight it will operate in Oregon during the year.
  2. Pay an annual fee according to the appropriate fee table. See our Report Your Taxes and Fees web page.
Out-of-State Motor Carriers
Out-of-state motor carriers with an established Oregon Motor Carrier Account will enroll their vehicle(s) by mail, phone or using Oregon Trucking Online (TOL). Carriers that enroll vehicles will receive a weekly list as confirmation for these additions. A vehicle is enrolled until the motor carrier cancels the vehicle’s enrollment.

Oregon Weight-Mile Tax Enrollment Application (form 9076) — Out-of-State Vehicle Registration

The Commerce and Compliance Division has a Motor Carrier’s Guide to Recordkeeping with detailed information about:
  • How do I record all that information?
  • What information must be kept?
  • How long do I keep records?
  • Who's going to look at those records?

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