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Vehicle Registration

Watch out for misleading marketing and "phishing" scams.

Register Your Vehicle(s)

The Commerce and Compliance Division will only license the power units. Trailers are registered by DMV – Heavy Trailers.

Oregon Entry and Enforcement Policies

Commercial Vehicle (CV) Tax and Registration

Visit our Tax Program Services web page.

Any motor carrier registered to operate in Oregon can apply for a password to access our secure Oregon Trucking Online website to register vehicles, check status, manage account information and more.
How Do I Set Up an Oregon Trucking Online Account?
  1. Set up an account with the Commerce and Compliance Division.
  2. Go to the Oregon Trucking Online website to Request a PIN.
  3. Follow the instructions on the PIN Request Form.
  4. The PIN Request Form must be signed by an Owner, Partner, LLC Member/Manager, Corporate Officer or someone possessing a Power of Attorney (form 9654). The POA must be on file or attached or it will be returned.
  5. Submit your PIN Request Form electronically to the Commerce and Compliance Division.
  6. PIN Request Forms will be addressed by end of next business day.
  7. Upon Approval, you will receive a confirmation email with a temporary PIN password.
  8. Login to Oregon Trucking Online with your name, file number and temporary password and change to a permanent password.
Other Services
Weight-Mile Tax Information​ — Commercial Vehicle Licensing information.
Oregon Truck Safety — Oregon driver and motor carrier safety information.
Direct Payment — Sign up for our free service to pay all transactions electronically.
Green Light Preclearance Program Brochure — Program information.
Email and Contact Update Form — Oregon Trucking Online — Use this form to:
  • Request a new PIN.
  • Update business contact information and email address.
Helpful Motor Carrier Information
Commercial Vehicle Entry and Enforcement Policies

Forms can be filled out online and printed or emailed using Internet Explorer or Adobe Reader. Sign all forms requiring signatures. Note: Proof of payment of HVUT is required for commercial registration of trucks weighing 55,000 pounds or more.
Commercial Registration
Intrastate registration can be handled over the counter at Salem Headquarters and Portland Metro Offices.​
Out of State Enrollment
Used for motor carriers based outside of Oregon and already operating under an Oregon permit.

Use the Commercial Registration Application — Manufactured Structure Toter (form 9935) for Oregon based intrastate motor carriers. Please note:
  • Manufactured structure toters must be registered at the “fully equipped for service” weight, including tools, blocks, tractors, etc.
  • The registration weight does not include the weight of a manufactured structure, a special use trailer or travel trailer.

The Oregon Apportioned Registration Program made changes to how International Registration Applications are processed. The intent of the changes is to ensure we are adequately reviewing basing materials to comply with the International Registration Plan.
IRP Application Materials
​Used for Oregon-based motor carriers operating vehicles in other states.
Schedule A — Oregon IRP and IFTA Combined Application (form 9908)
Schedule B — Oregon IRP Mileage (form 9685)
Schedule C — Apportioned Registration Form (Oregon Truck, Tractor and Bus Addition/Update) form 9684)
Schedule C-T — Oregon IRP Tow/Toter Addition/Update (form 9684t)
Schedule R — Oregon Proof of Residency (form 9914)
Oregon Motor Carrier Account Application (form 9075)
Oregon Weight-Mile Tax Enrollment Application (form 9076)
Power of Attorney (form 9654)
Oregon Class 1A Permit Application (form 9745)
USDOT Questionnaire (form 9755)
No Operations Affidavit (form 9931)
Plate Affidavit (form 9938)

Fee Tables
Current Effective January 1, 2024
Flat Monthly Fees Rate Table (form 9927-2024)​​​
Current Effective January 1, 2023​
Current Effective January 1, 2022
Oregon Heavy Motor Vehicle Registration Fees (form 9922-2022)

Information and Resources
International Registration Plan, Inc.

​​Motor carriers with vehicles over 26,000 pounds must register each vehicle at the heaviest loaded weight it will operate in Oregon during the year and pay an annual fee according to the following fee tables.

Intrastate (Oregon) Registration Fee Tables
Current Effective January 1, 2022
Prior Effective January 1, 2020
Interstate Registration Fee Tables
Current Effective January 1, 2022
Prior Effective January 1, 2020
Interstate Heavy Motor Vehicle Registration Fees (form 9969-2020)
Annual Report — Household Goods Motor Carrier (form 9208) Also use for Intrastate Passenger Carriers.
Request a Credit on Temporary Credentials (form 9758)
Computer Information Request (form 9591)

​To operate in Oregon, motor carriers must submit:

  • Vehicle identification such as a:
    o Bill of sale.
    o Certificate of origin.
    o Out-of-state registration.
  • DEQ Certificate for the Portland and Medford Metro Areas if the vehicle is not diesel-powered.
  • An equipment lease, if applicable.

Truck License Plates

See more information about Oregon Commercial Vehicle License Plates.

Contact Us

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Commercial Vehicle Tax Service Center

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Vehicle Registration
Commercial Vehicle Tax Service Center

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