Department of Environmental Quality

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality enforces environmental laws to protect human health and the environment. DEQ’s enforcement process is progressive and focuses on working with organizations and individuals to identify and correct problems. DEQ issues civil penalties as part of this progressive process.

The organization or individual must either pay the penalty amount or appeal the violation within 20 days of receiving the notice. There may be several weeks or months delay between the date the notice was issued and the date it was received.

In some cases, violators may resolve a portion of a penalty by funding a supplemental environmental project that improves Oregon’s environment.

Environmental Impact
1/8/20201/8/2020The DallesHydro Extrusion USA LLC
AirMultiple flagrant air quality permit violations at aluminum recycling facility.Human Health, Transparency and Accountability
11/26/201911/20/2019BendAnast, Paula d/b/a Round 2 Design
LandConducting unlicensed asbestos abatement, and accumulating waste material that contained asbestos.Human Health, Transparency and Accountability
11/25/201911/22/2019SalemOregon School for the Deaf
LandStoring hazardous waste without a permit and failing to immediately clean up oil spillHuman Health, Transparency and Accountability
11/25/201911/22/2019RoseburgDouglas County Public Works - Roseburg Landfill
LandLeachate releases that violated solid waste permit and state regulationsFish and Aquatic Life, Human Health
11/25/201911/22/2019Coos BayCity of Coos Bay
WaterViolating pollution limits of wastewater discharge permit and failure to comply with monitoring requirementsFish and Aquatic Life, Transparency and Accountability
11/25/201911/21/2019HeppnerMiller Manufacturing
AirFailing to timely submit annual reportHuman Health, Transparency and Accountability
11/22/201911/20/2019BendLoge Camps, LLC
LandAllowing a contractor without an asbestos abatement license to perform an asbestos abatement project, and accumulating waste material that contained asbestos.Human Health, Transparency and Accountability
11/20/201911/18/2019PortlandHeritage Environmental Services
LandAccepting hazardous wastes without required paperworkHuman Health, Transparency and Accountability
11/20/201911/18/2019PortlandCentral Garden and Pet Company
LandFailing to properly handle, dispose and characterize pesticide wastes, failing to comply with employee training requirements and other violationsHuman Health, Transparency and Accountability
11/20/201911/18/2019PortlandC.H. Robinson Company Inc.
LandAccepting hazardous wastes without required paperworkHuman Health, Transparency and Accountability
11/19/201910/17/2019EugeneNorthwest Solvents & Supply Inc.
LandSupplying dry cleaning solvents without required couplings.Transparency and Accountability
11/19/20198/26/2019UmatillaFastrack, Inc. (Orchard Terrace Phase II)
WaterWater quality violations, failing to monitor and failing to implement control plan.Fish and Aquatic Life, Transparency and Accountability
11/15/201911/13/2019SistersThree Sisters Plumbing, Inc
WaterInstalling and repairing system without permit, as well as sewage disposal without a license.Fish and Aquatic Life, Transparency and Accountability
11/14/20199/6/2019Christmas ValleyWurdinger, Dale Allen
LandOperating a waste tire and solid waste disposal site without permitsTransparency and Accountability
11/12/201910/24/2019NewbergPetrie, Eric
WaterCausing stream pollution and violating state water quality standardFish and Aquatic Life
11/7/201911/5/2019DrainW.W.D. Corporation (Bear Creek Quarry)
WaterFailing to collect monitoring data as required by permitFish and Aquatic Life, Transparency and Accountability
11/6/201911/4/2019ReedsportLoon Lake Lodge and RV Resort LLC
WaterOperating wastewater treatment system without proper permitHuman Health, Transparency and Accountability
11/6/201910/30/2019DufurCity of Dufur
WaterViolating wastewater disposal permit, including exceeding pollution limits and failing to conduct required monitoringFish and Aquatic Life, Transparency and Accountability
11/4/201910/30/2019SalemAsefa, Tesfu dba Salem Gas, Foodmart and Espresso
LandFailing to meet deadline to repair or replace cracked spill prevention buckets.Transparency and Accountability
11/1/201910/30/2019LebanonWahl, Mark and Bethany
AirOpen burning of prohibited materialsHuman Health
11/1/201910/30/2019McMinnvilleCooperative Regions of Organic Producer Pools
WaterDischarging without a permit into a creekFish and Aquatic Life
10/28/201910/24/2019PortlandPNW Metal Recycling, Inc. (Rivergate Scrap Metals)
AirOperating a source of air contamination without an air quality permitHuman Health, Transparency and Accountability
10/28/20198/16/2019PortlandRPH Sandy Blvd (Tanveer, Naveed)
AirOperating a gas station without an air quality permitHuman Health
10/26/201910/24/2019LebanonVanco Contracting, LLC
LandFailing to hire licensed asbestos abatement contractor during commercial constructionHuman Health
10/16/201910/16/2019HuntingtonMcCue, Tracy Jean
LandAllowing  illegal open burning without hiring a licensed asbestos abatement contractorHuman Health
10/16/201910/16/2019HuntingtonYoung, Travis Wilson
LandIllegal open burning without proper asbestos surveying or abatementHuman Health
10/16/201910/11/2019NewportArcadia Environmental, Inc.
LandFailure to notify DEQ of an asbestos abatement projectHuman Health, Transparency and Accountability
10/11/201910/9/2019SpringfieldHexion Inc.
WaterViolating the facility's water quality permit by failing to monitor and prevent discharge of contaminantsFish and Aquatic Life, Transparency and Accountability
10/11/201910/9/2019PortlandJH Kelly Construction Inc.
LandProviding underground storage tank services without a licenseHuman Health, Transparency and Accountability
10/11/201910/9/2019TigardPolygon WLH LLC
WaterViolating conditions of entity's water quality certificationFish and Aquatic Life
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