Department of Environmental Quality

​The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality enforces environmental laws to protect human health and the environment. DEQ uses education, technical assistance, warnings and penalties to change behavior and deter future violations.

Penalties are listed below. The organization or individual must either pay the penalty amount or appeal the violation within 20 days of receiving the notice. There may be several weeks or months delay between the date the notice was issued and the date it was received.

In some cases, violators may resolve a portion of a penalty by funding a supplemental environmental project that improves Oregon’s environment.

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Environmental Impact
8/21/20218/20/2021McMinnvilleCascade Steel Rolling Mills Inc.
AirContinuing to operate when pollution control equipment was not operating properly and failing to properly monitor air quality according to permit requirements.Transparency and Accountability
8/20/20218/18/2021Philomath4-R Equipment, LLC
WaterDischarging murky wastewater from Rickard Rock Quarry into the Marys River.Fish and Aquatic Life
8/20/20218/18/2021PhoenixClements Enterprises LLC
AirAllowing an unlicensed contractor to perform asbestos abatement on a residential property.Human Health, Transparency and Accountability
8/20/20218/18/2021PhoenixDirt Doctor, LLC
AirConducting asbestos abatement at a residence without a DEQ license.Human Health, Transparency and Accountability
8/20/20218/18/2021PortlandGilford's Floor Covering Inc.
AirConducting asbestos abatement at a residence without a DEQ license.Human Health, Transparency and Accountability
8/20/20218/18/2021PortlandKohler Meyers & O'Halloran, Inc.
AirAllowing an unlicensed person to perform asbestos abatement on a residential property.Human Health, Transparency and Accountability
8/20/20217/28/2021TualatinAdvanced Chemical Transport Inc. doing business as ACTEnviro
LandConducting underground storage tank services without a license.Transparency and Accountability
8/16/20218/11/2021EugeneLane County
LandFailing to properly operate and maintain an underground storage tank.Transparency and Accountability
8/13/20218/11/2021EugeneHiggins' Petroleum, Inc.
LandFailing to test equipment related to an underground storage tank.Transparency and Accountability
8/13/20218/11/2021TrailJason Richard Bicknell & Nicole Rae Bullock
LandEstablishing and operating a solid waste disposal site without permit.Human Health, Transparency and Accountability
8/13/20218/11/2021EugeneJohn Hyland Construction Inc.
WaterEngaging in construction activities prior to obtaining a water quality permit.Transparency and Accountability
8/10/20218/6/2021WarrentonCity of Warrenton Wastewater Treatment Plant
WaterExceeding pollution limits for the city's wastewater permit.Fish and Aquatic Life
8/9/20218/6/2021SalemDiscount Towing and Recovery LLC
LandFailing to comply with hazardous waste, used oil, waste tire and stormwater requirements.Fish and Aquatic Life, Human Health, Transparency and Accountability
8/9/20218/6/2021ValeEP Minerals, LLC
AirFailing to perform required testing or monitoring as required in the facility's air quality permit.Transparency and Accountability
8/6/20218/4/2021La GrandeCity of La Grande
WaterViolating Underground Injection Control system permit by failiing to monitor stormwater discharges.Fish and Aquatic Life
7/30/20217/28/2021TualatinRiver City Environmental Inc.
LandFailing to obtain a service provider license prior to conducting underground storage tank services.Human Health, Transparency and Accountability
7/30/20217/28/2021AstoriaNorth West Septic LLC
WaterPerforming sewage disposal services without a current license.Fish and Aquatic Life, Human Health, Wildlife
7/30/20217/28/2021DillardRoseburg Forest Products Co.
WaterViolating wastewater permit by discharging process wastewater to log ponds.Transparency and Accountability
7/29/20217/23/2021SalemCity of Salem
LandFailing to test release detection, overfill and spill prevention equipment.Human Health
7/28/20217/23/2021AlbanySelmet Inc.
AirFailing to install control equipment and meet standards.Human Health, Transparency and Accountability
7/22/20215/8/2020Eagle CreekDaniel and Lisa Parkins
WaterDischarging sediment into waters of the state from land clearing activities without first obtaining a permit.Fish and Aquatic Life, Transparency and Accountability
7/14/20217/7/2021O'BrienPatricia Davis
LandDisposal of inoperable cars and recreational vehicles, as well as tires, batteries, appliances, household garbage and other solid waste, at an unpermitted site.Human Health, Transparency and Accountability
7/12/20217/9/2021White CityHamCon Builders LLC
LandFailing to make hazardous waste determinations.Human Health
7/12/20217/9/2021MedfordRory White
LandEstablishing and operating a waste tire storage site without permit, hiring an unpermitted waste tire carrier, disposing waste tires at an unpermitted site and failing to maintain records.Human Health, Transparency and Accountability
7/12/20217/7/2021TillamookJW Rock LLC
WaterReducing water quality below standards in a wetland near Ekroth Quarry by discharging stormwater from the quarry.Fish and Aquatic Life
7/9/20217/7/2021Bay CityPacific Shellfish - Tillamook LLC
WaterFailing to monitor wastewater effluent for pollutants, placing wastes where likely to enter waters of the state.Fish and Aquatic Life
7/9/20217/7/2021PortlandZenith Energy Terminals Holdings LLC
WaterOperating without a stormwater permit, grading and performing other construction activities that could discharge sediment into Willamette River.Fish and Aquatic Life, Transparency and Accountability
7/2/20216/23/2021PortlandQuantum Assets & Consulting LLC
AirConducting unlicensed asbestos abatement, removing asbestos-containing sheet vinyl flooring during a renovation project at a residence.Human Health, Transparency and Accountability
6/25/20216/23/2021SunriverSunriver Airport LLC
WaterFailing to collect monitoring data required by construction stormwater permitFish and Aquatic Life
6/24/20216/23/2021Grass ValleyEvergreen State Holdings (abn GVB Biopharma)
LandFailing to properly label hazardous waste containersHuman Health, Transparency and Accountability
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