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Air Quality Permitting and Technical Assistance

DEQ is committed to continuing to protect the environment, maintain compliance, and sustain a consistent statewide enforcement program. However, DEQ recognizes that measures to protect public health and minimize economic disruptions related to the COVID-19 outbreak may temporarily impact your ability to comply with DEQ requirements. DEQ is aware that EPA Method 9 certification classes have been recently canceled due to COVID-19. Please continue to have certified observers or observers certified within the last 12 months perform the Method 9 visible emission readings. In addition, please make best efforts to recertify observers as soon as possible when the training is available again. You must notify DEQ within 10 calendar days when observers are recertified.  DEQ expects that all sources continue to meet applicable emission limits.  DEQ is committed to exercising reasonable enforcement discretion during the COVID-19 emergency. For those operating under Title V permits, be sure to mark “I" within semiannual compliance certifications when an uncertified observer performs a Method 9.  For more information about enforcement discretion and documenting specific COVID-19 disruptions, please visit DEQ's response to COVID-19 webpage.

DEQ's response to air quality audit

In January 2018, Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson released a performance audit of Oregon’s programs for controlling air pollution from factories and other businesses. The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality welcomes the audit, and agrees with the audit findings and recommendations. DEQ’s specific responses to the audit are available here.
Through the means of a Kaizen event, the first objective (audit recommendation #1) is to conduct a lean process improvement of the air quality permitting program. (What is Kaizen?)

Air permit backlog kaizen 

(slides provided by Pivotal Resources)

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