AQ Programs


The Environmental Quality Commission approved greenhouse gas reporting rules in 2008 and updated the rules in 2010. These rules govern the collection of annual greenhouse gas emissions information from certain facilities, including industrial facilities with air quality permits, wastewater treatment facilities, fuel distributors, electricity suppliers and large landfills. DEQ developed the rules based on recommendations from an advisory committee.

Each year, many Oregon businesses and industries that create greenhouse gas emissions submit an annual emissions report to DEQ. To learn more about the types of facilities required to report, reporting deadlines and the methodologies used to calculate and report emissions, please see the reporting protocols webpage.

Oregon's reporting program helps provide a better understanding of greenhouse gas emissions and improves the ability to track progress toward meeting emission reduction goals established by the state legislature. Along with the Oregon Department of Energy and other agencies, DEQ is providing data to produce a comprehensive inventory of Oregon's greenhouse gas emissions.



If you have questions, email the greenhouse gas program or contact Elizabeth Elbel at 503-229-6476.
For assistance regarding annual GHG reporting, please contact Jackson Dougan at 503-229-5076.