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Greenhouse Gas Reporting Home


The Environmental Quality Commission (EQC) approved Oregon's original greenhouse gas reporting rules in 2008 and updated those rules most recently in 2020. These rules govern the collection of annual greenhouse gas emissions information from the state's largest sources including industrial facilities with air quality permits, fuel importers, natural gas suppliers, electricity suppliers and large landfills.

These reporting requirements enable DEQ to provide detailed greenhouse gas emission data to perform emissions analysis and inform policy decisions across the state. DEQ also utilizes this data to compile the statewide greenhouse gas inventory and makes reported data easily available to the public on our website.

In May of 2020 the EQC updated these rules to enhance the data collection of Oregon's greenhouse gas emissions. The adopted rules incorporate existing reporting and emissions accounting protocols into rule and improve the specificity of how emissions data are calculated, reported, and verified.

Currently, Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program staff are working to update protocol documents, sector specific resources and reporting tools to reflect the newly adopted rules. The program will also be hosting several trainings throughout the 1st quarter or 2021 covering the requirements for reporting 2020 emissions.  Please sign up for our program emails to receive the latest information on program development.


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