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Inundation Maps

The data shown on DOGAMI Tsunami Inundation Maps (TIMs) are the basis for DOGAMI tsunami evacuation maps. These maps present modeled tsunami inundation scenarios covering a range of earthquake magnitude events. Learn more about TIMs here: TIM map publication overview

TIM inundation maps

Clatsop County (from north to south)

Clatsop SpitTIM-Clat-01. Map date 6/5/13. Preview/Download
Warrenton NorthTIM-Clat-02. Map date 6/6/13. Preview/Download
Warrenton South - RileaTIM-Clat-03. Map date 6/10/13. Preview/Download
AstoriaTIM-Clat-04. Map date 6/3/13. Preview/Download
Youngs River NorthTIM-Clat-05. Map date 6/7/13. Preview/Download
Youngs River SouthTIM-Clat-06. Map date 6/4/13. Preview/Download
Del Rey BeachTIM-Clat-07. Map date 6/11/13. Preview/Download
Gearhart -SeasideTIM-Clat-08. Map date 6/11/13. Preview/Download
Cannon BeachTIM-Clat-09. Map date 6/11/13. Preview/Download
Arch Cape - Falcon CoveTIM-Clat-10. Map date 6/14/13. Preview/Download

Coos County (from north to south)

Lakeside WestTIM-Coos-01. Map date 12/18/12. Preview/Download
Lakeside EastTIM-Coos-02. Map date 12/18/12. Preview/Download
Saunders LakeTIM-Coos-03. Map date 21/18/12. Preview/Download
Haynes InletTIM-Coos-04. Map date 7/17/12. Preview/Download
Coos Bay - North BendTIM-Coos-05. Map date 7/15/12. Preview/Download
Coos River NorthTIM-Coos-06. Map date 7/19/12. Preview/Download
Coos River SouthTIM-Coos-07. Map date 7/19/12. Preview/Download
Charleston ? Cape AragoTIM-Coos-08. Map date 7/17/12. Preview/Download
Barview ? South SloughTIM-Coos-09. Map date 7/17/12. Preview/Download
Isthmus SloughTIM-Coos-10. Map date 7/12/12. Preview/Download
Catching SloughTIM-Coos-11. Map date 7/12/12. Preview/Download
Bullards BeachTIM-Coos-12. Map date 9/10/12. Preview/Download
LeneveTIM-Coos-13. Map date 9/10/12. Preview/Download
CoquilleTIM-Coos-14. Map date 9/10/12. Preview/Download
Coquille RiverTIM-Coos-15. Map date 9/11/12. Preview/Download


TIM-Coos-16. Map date 9/12/12. Preview/Download
New RiverTIM-Coos-17. Map date 9/12/12. Preview/Download

Curry County (from north to south)

LangloisTIM-Curr-01. Map date 9/13/12. Preview/Download
Cape BlancoTIM-Curr-02. Map date 9/12/12. Preview/Download
DenmarkTIM-Curr-03. Map date 9/12/12. Preview/Download
Port OrfordTIM-Curr-04. Map date 10/5/12. Preview/Download
Humbug MountainTIM-Curr-05. Map date 9/13/12. Preview/Download
Sisters MountainTIM-Curr-06. Map date 11/02/12. Preview/Download
Nesika BeachTIM-Curr-07. Map date 11/02/12. Preview/Download
North Rogue RiverTIM-Curr-08. Map date 11/02/12. Preview/Download
Gold BeachTIM-Curr-09. Map date 11/02/12. Preview/Download
Cape SebastianTIM-Curr-10. Map date 11/02/12. Preview/Download
Pistol RiverTIM-Curr-11. Map date 11/08/12. Preview/Download
CarpentervilleTIM-Curr-12. Map date 11/08/12. Preview/Download
Harris BeachTIM-Curr-13. Map date 11/08/12. Preview/Download
Chetco RiverTIM-Curr-14. Map date 11/08/12. Preview/Download
Winchuck RiverTIM-Curr-15. Map date 11/08/12. Preview/Download
BrookingsTIM-Curr-16. Map date 11/08/12. Preview/Download

Douglas County (from north to south)

Siltcoos LakeTIM-Doug-01. Map date 5/02/13. Preview/Download
Tahkenitch LakeTIM-Doug-02. Map date 4/25/13. Preview/Download
GardinerTIM-Doug-03. Map date 2/13/13. Preview/Download
ReedsportTIM-Doug-04. Map date 2/11/13. Preview/Download
East GardinerTIM-Doug-05. Map date 2/13/13. Preview/Download
Umpqua River WestTIM-Doug-06. Map date 4/29/13. Preview/Download
Sulphur SpringsTIM-Doug-07. Map date 5/02/13. Preview/Download
Umpqua River EastTIM-Doug-08. Map date 4/25/13. Preview/Download
Clear LakeTIM-Doug-09. Map date 4/16/13. Preview/Download

Lane County (from north to south)

NeptuneTIM-Lane-01. Map date 3/4/13. Preview/Download
Heceta HeadTIM-Lane-02. Map date 2/24/13. Preview/Download
Mercer LakeTIM-Lane-03. Map date 2/25/13. Preview/Download
FlorenceTIM-Lane-04. Map date 2/11/13. Preview/Download
Cushman - WendsonTIM-Lane-05. Map date 3/4/13. Preview/Download
Tiernan - MapletonTIM-Lane-06. Map date 3/4/13. Preview/Download
Dunes CityTIM-Lane-07. Map date 2/11/13. Preview/Download
Siltcoos LakeTIM-Lane-08. Map date 2/25/13. Preview/Download

Lincoln County (from north to south)

Lincoln City NorthTIM-Linc-01. Map date 1/11/13. Preview/Download
Lincoln City SouthTIM-Linc-02. Map date 1/11/13. Preview/Download
Gleneden Beach - Siletz River

TIM-Linc-03. Map date 2/11/13. Preview/Download

Depoe BayTIM-Linc-04. Map date 1/23/13. Preview/Download
Otter Rock - Beverly BeachTIM-Linc-05. Map date 1/30/13. Preview/Download
Newport NorthTIM-Linc-06. Map date 1/11/13. Preview/Download
Newport SouthTIM-Linc-07. Map date 1/11/13. Preview/Download
ToledoTIM-Linc-08. Map date 1/10/13. Preview/Download
Yaquina RiverTIM-Linc-09. Map date 1/30/13. Preview/Download
Seal Rock

TIM-Linc-10. Map date 3/1/13. Preview/Download

Driftwood BeachTIM-Linc-11. Map date 2/11/13. Preview/Download
WaldportTIM-Linc-12. Map date 1/11/13. Preview/Download
TidewaterTIM-Linc-13. Map date 1/31/13. Preview/Download
Ocean ShoresTIM-Linc-14. Map date 1/31/13. Preview/Download
YachatsTIM-Linc-15. Map date 2/11/13. Preview/Download

Tillamook County (from north to south)

Arch Cape ? Falcon CoveTIM-Till-01. Map date 6/17/13 (supersedes 7/19/12 map). Preview/Download
Manzanita - NehalemTIM-Till-02. Map date 7/12/12. Preview/Download
Nehalem EastTIM-Till-03. Map date 7/12/12. Preview/Download
Rockaway BeachTIM-Till-04. Map date 7/12/12. Preview/Download
Garibaldi - Bay CityTIM-Till-05. Map date 7/13/12. Preview/Download
Tillamook NorthTIM-Till-06. Map date 7/12/12. Preview/Download
Tillamook SouthTIM-Till-07. Map date 7/12/12. Preview/Download
Cape MearesTIM-Till-08. Map date 7/13/12. Preview/Download
Netarts - OceansideTIM-Till-09. Map date 7/13/12. Preview/Download
Cape LookoutTIM-Till-10. Map date 7/12/12. Preview/Download
Sand LakeTIM-Till-11. Map date 7/17/12. Preview/Download
Pacific CityTIM-Till-12. Map date 7/17/12. Preview/Download
Nestucca BayTIM-Till-13. Map date 7/16/12. Preview/Download
NeskowinTIM-Till-14. Map date 7/12/12. Preview/Download

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