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Climate-Friendly and Equitable Communities Rulemaking

On March 10, 2020, Governor Kate Brown issued Executive Order 20-04, directing agencies to reduce climate pollution. In response, the Land Conservation and Development Commission (commission) is working on updating Oregon's Transportation Planning Rules and related administrative rules. The commission initiated rulemaking at its September 2020 meeting.

That rulemaking will focus on significantly strengthening Oregon’s administrative rules about transportation and housing planning, particularly for Oregon's eight urban areas with populations over 50,000 people (Albany, Bend, Corvallis, Eugene/Springfield, Grants Pass, Medford/Ashland, Portland Metro, Salem/Keizer). Some of the rule changes may apply to communities outside those areas.

Rulemaking Advisory Committee members and staff will focus on meeting our greenhouse gas reduction goals through rule updates while increasing housing choice and creating more equitable outcomes for community members on the ground.

The purpose of the committee is to ensure the commission and DLCD hear from a broad group of community members. The department aims to include representatives from historically marginalized communities and people experienced in equity issues.

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Rulemaking Schedule (.jpg)

Draft Rules Schedule with Links to Text (.pdf)

Draft Rules, Question & Answer Session (audio only)

Community Conversations and Virtual Workshop, Input

All community members are invited to participate in a second round of conversations to ensure community members, elected and appointed officials are informed about the rulemaking and feel welcome to participate in the rule and program development process.

Register Today!

Preregistration is required to help us identify who our engagement process is reaching. Our intention is to reach a wide range of interests and communities. We encourage registrants to share basic demographic information.

Telephone or computer access is possible at the registration links below.

October 25    6:30 – 8:30 PM         Southern Oregon (register here)
October 26    Noon – 1:30 PM       Bend, Corvallis, Albany (register here)
October 27    6:30 – 8:30 PM         Salem, Eugene, Keizer, Springfield (register here)
October 28    11 AM – 12:30 PM   Portland Metro (register here)

While these events are regionally named, participants are welcome to attend the event most convenient for them.

Assistance with Access

All are welcome. To help ensure equal access to our programs, services, and activities, please notify us three business days in advance of the meeting if you need interpretation or other accommodations to participate in the meeting. If there are ways we can help you more fully participate in this process, please contact Casaria Taylor at

Rulemaking One-Page Summaries

One-Page Summary of the Rulemaking
Climate-Friendly Areas (pending)
Transportation Planning Rules Update
Regional Futures Scenario Planning
Parking Reform and Electric Vehicle Charging

Advisory Committee Meetings

Advisory Committee Members

The Climate-Friendly and Equitable Communities rulemaking is advised by a diverse group of over 40 community members, including representatives from priority populations and each of the eight metropolitan areas. See the full membership list here.

Background Materials from DLCD/State of Oregon

One-Page Summary of the Rulemaking

Resumen de una página de la elaboración de reglas

Land use and transportation planning and climate pollution

Governor Brown's Executive Order 20-04 on climate

Rulemaking Charge

Rules Advisory Committee Charter

July 2020 staff report summarizing DLCD's actions on climate

Every Mile Counts four-agency initiative

September 2020 staff report to LCDC about this rulemaking

July 2020 staff report to LCDC about this rulemaking

October 2020 webinar recording - Introduction to Climate-Friendly and Equitable Communities Rulemaking

October, 2020 webinar presentation – Introduction to Climate-Friendly and Equitable Communities Rulemaking

Equitable Outcomes Statement for the Rulemaking 

Green Infrastructure webinar from May 6, 2021 with Dr. Vivek Shandas, Shantae Johnson, Bob Sallinger and Mayor Mark Gamba.

Parking Reform and Electric Vehicle Charging rules discussion. Meeting Recording (mp3)  -  Meeting Slides (.pdf)

Previous staff reports and additional attachments can be found on specific LCDC meeting pages: to the bottom of the page for the table of previous meetings)

Background Materials from Other Sources

Select items to inform the work of the Rules Advisory Committee

How to Address Transportation Equity for Latino Communities: Salud America's Workgroup Recommendations (September 2020)

Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights of the United Nations note on The Right to Adequate Housing (December 1991)

Driving Down Emissions: Transportation, Land Use, and Climate Change (Smart Growth America, 2020)


Bill Holmstrom
Transportation Planner
Phone: 971-375-5975

Kevin Young
Senior Urban Planner
Phone: 503-602-0238

Casaria Taylor
Rules, Records, & Policy Coordinator
Phone: 9717-600-7699

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