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Transportation System Plan Assessment

We help communities evaluate their Transportation System Plans (TSPs) for potential issues and solutions. A TSP is a long-range document local governments use to plan for future transportation investments.

The TSP assessment is the first step in finding out next steps to update an old transportation system plan. We provide the service at no charge, though we expect local governments to support the project with staff time.

The TSP assessment evaluates a local plan against current requirements, as well as against projected needs, requirements and goals. The assessment can help identify:

  • Strengths and weaknesses of an existing TSP
  • Timing and need for a TSP update
  • Potential methods of solving problems without a full update
  • Elements to include in the scope of work for an update, or in other planning work

Benefits of a TSP Assessment

Each assessment results in a document showing where the local TSP could be revised or updated. The details in that document can help improve information to go in future grant applications. The TSP assessment also can be a starting point for exploring other resources from TGM.

An assessment can be done at any time. TGM doesn't require a prior or concurrent assessment in order to apply for or obtain a TGM grant. However, a TSP assessment may improve the quality of your grant application.

Elements of the Assessment

In conducting assessments, we review ODOT's TSP Guidelines tool and discuss issues of interest with local officials and review the current TSP. Next, we produce a brief report of our findings. Those findings will include TGM resources local officials might use to update a TSP. Findings also may indicate tips for getting additional TGM help. Contact us for more information.

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Bill Holmstrom
Land Use & Transportation Planning Coordinator
Phone: 971-375-5975