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Certification User Group

The purpose of the Certification User Group is to streamline and improve the delivery of certified public agency federal aid on transportation projects for Oregon by:

  • Recommending and coordinating training to improve understanding of regulations, requirements, and process;
  • Providing a forum for sharing information and best practices;
  • Facilitating ongoing communication and further development of relationships within and among the Oregon Department of Transportation, federal agencies, and Local Public Agencies, or LPAs; and
  • Providing a means for ODOT and LPAs to improve coordination and efficient use of resources.
  • Provide training and workshops to certification user group members.

Consultant Contracting Series: Fall 2022 - Spring 2023
NPDES 1200-CA Permit Training - October 2022

Library of Quality Program Plans

Through a project initiated by the Certification User Group (CUG) Process Improvement & Training Subcommittee, certified LPAs shared Quality Program Plans (QPPs) and/or checklist documents to include in this Library of Quality Program Plans as a resource in the interest of continuing to improve federal aid project delivery.

Quality Program Plans are foundational documents for certified LPAs delivering federal-aid projects. The QPP documents the LPA's internal processes and quality controls necessary to effectively manage LPA projects delivered through the Certification Program.

The documents are organized by agency and have been converted to pdf format. Checklists are either part of the QPP document (typically as an appendix) or linked separately. Questions about specific documents can be directed to the author agency.

The summary provides an overview of checklists referenced in each QPP and identifies whether the checklist is required and whether it is an ODOT or a certified LPA authored document. Not all checklist referenced in an agency's QPP were provided for posting.