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Self-Issue Permit Program

The Self-Issue Permit Program (SIPP) allows SIPP certified carriers to issue their own single-trip over-dimension permits without prior analysis by ODOT staff.

SIPP is not a fully automated routing system. Carriers are required to manually route the oversize load, check for height and add road restrictions and pilot vehicles as needed based on the permitted dimensions and route. Carriers must also obtain their own county permits for operations on roads under the jurisdiction of county road authorities.

Self-Issue Permits are available through Oregon Trucking Online only. Oregon Administrative Rules for this program are covered in Chapter 734, Division 72.

Self issuance of single-trip permits:
  • Aids the motor carrier industry by saving time and money.
  • Protects the traveling public.
  • Protects the highway system and structures from potential damage.

SIPP Certification

​Initial certification lasts up to six months. Before certification expires, CCD will review the motor carriers account for compliance with Self-Issue Permits Program (SIPP) requirements. From then on, SIPP Certification will last two years.

​Motor carriers must meet the following requirements at the time of application.

  • Have an established Motor Carrier Account and be approved to charge fees to your account.
  • Have a Oregon Trucking Online account. If your company does not have an account, sign up for a PIN to get started.
  • Have a satisfactory safety rating with the United States Department of Transportation, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or Oregon Department of Transportation, Commerce and Compliance Division (CCD).
  • Filed proof of general liability insurance with CCD as described in OAR 734-072-0011 — Intrastate carriers only.
  • Complete a training class for self-issuance of permits.
  • Your company has purchased a minimum of 125 single trip permits for oversize/overweight movements within the last 12 months.
  • Sign an agreement of responsibility for the permitted moves (this document).
During the 12 months preceding the application, motor carriers must:
  • Not have more than one late highway use tax report or Road Use Assessment Fee mileage report.
  • Have maintained current vehicle registration and tax enrollment with CCD.
  • Have no suspensions of Commerce and Compliance Division account.
  • Have no more than one late payment of fees due.
  • Have no more than a fifteen percent underpayment finding on the most current weight-mile tax audit.
  • Have no incidents involving damage or potential damage to any roadway, roadway device or structure resulting from an oversize/overweight permitted movement.
Insurance Requirements
​The commercial general liability insurance requirement for Intrastate carriers does not need to be obtained until a Self-Issue Permits Program class is completed by one or more issuers of Self-Issue Permits from your company.
Class Sessions
If your application is approved, each representative that is self-issuing permits must attend a training session.
  • Classes will be held at least once a quarter at our Salem headquarters and by video conference.
  • Telephone to a toll-free number and internet access is required to attend by video conference.
Class Schedule
All training sessions are scheduled to start at 9 a.m. Pacific Time, unless otherwise noted.
  • Training classes will be held in 2024 as needed. Please email us if you are interested in taking the class.
  • A minimum of five participants is required to schedule a class.

​If a motor carrier wants to continue in the Self-Issue Permits Program, they must recertify by submitting a Recertification Application (form 3255).

​A carrier may be decertified from the Self-Issue Permits Program for the following reasons:

  • Self-Issue Permits are not in conformance with the program.
  • Failure to submit timely and accurate Road Use Assessment Fees (RUAF) reports and payments.
  • Infrastructure damage as a result of not complying with the provisions of an oversize/overweight permitted move.
Include the following information on your Self-Issue Permit:
  • Exact starting and ending locations on state highways such as an address, intersection or mile point.
  • Exact routing, including the use of exit numbers where available.
  • Number and placement of pilot vehicle(s) must be accurately determined by the motor carrier based on the load dimensions, hauling equipment and state highways traveled.
  • Any road restrictions that may impact the move. See our Road Restriction List.

Vehicle Combinations and Dimensions

After certification, motor carriers are able to self-issue single-trip over-dimension permits up to the following dimensions. The power unit must have appropriate tax and registration credentials.



  • 15 Feet 00 inches high based on vertical clearance routing.


Combination Length

  • 120 Feet overall combination length.
  • Exception: Truck tractor/semitrailer combinations are limited to:
    o 95 Feet in length on two-lane highways.
    o 105 Feet overall length on multi-lane highways.
  • Mobile/modular units are limited to 110 feet in overall length.
Trailer Length
  • ​Up to 53 feet fixed for truck tractor/semitrailer combinations.
  • Up to 62 feet for heavy haul combinations that include jeep and/or booster axle(s).
  • Up to 65 feet stretch or expanded.
  • Up to 75 feet in length for mobile homes.
  • Up to 75 feet in length for modular units hauled on stretch trailers.
  • Stretch trailers must be reduced to 53 feet or less in length when not loaded.
  • Expanded trailers must be reduced to 53 feet or less in length when not loaded and operating in a truck tractor/semitrailer combination.

The following combinations are NOT approved under the Self-Issue Permits Program. Get single-trip permits from the Over-Dimension Permit Unit for:

  • Tow trucks hauling or towing wrecked or disabled vehicles.
  • Combinations hauling long logs, poles, piling or structural members as described in OAR 734-078-0015.
  • Pickup Truck and Trailer.
  • Motor Truck and Trailer.

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