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Training at ODOT

The Oregon Department of Transportation provides a variety of training and certification opportunities in engineering, construction and technical training.

Use the table below or search the iLearn catalogue to locate the type of training you'd like to take.

ODOT Training Opportunities

In order to register for ODOT training, you must have an account in iLearn, the state learning management system.


Save the Date:

Annual ODOT Surveyors Conference
April, 20 & 21
8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Presented virtually. Details to come!

Employees in training room 


Login to iLearn

ODOT iLearn Customer Support

How to Create a Non-State Employee iLearn Account

How to Use iLearn for Non-State Employee Accounts

Workday Learning

ODOT is transitioning from iLearn to Workday Learning as our learning management system in June of 2021. Check out some of the features of the new system.

Getting to Know Workday Learning

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