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Engineering Guidance

The Oregon Department of Transportation has produced reference materials to support the development, design, and implementation of large and small construction projects. These resources range from manuals and policy documents to procedures and forms.

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Requirements, Guidelines and Tools

Additional Guidance  

When is a POR seal needed?

Specific work products that require a POR seal are determined by the Department of Transportation's Chief Engineer. These directives include the following:

  • TSB11-01(D) - Professional Sealing of Project Special Provisions
  • TSB11-02(D) - Documents Requiring the Seal of Licensed Engineers, Land Surveyors, Geologists, Landscape Architects and Photogrammetrists.

Applicable statutes, rules and policies

The following apply to work performed for ODOT by licensed engineers, land surveyors, geologists, landscape architects and photogrammetrists.

Oregon Revised Statutes:

Oregon Administrative Rules:

Agency Policy:

The following is an excerpt from this policy.

The Department shall hire and contract for qualified professionals licensed in the state of Oregon to perform work under the responsible charge of licensed professionals in accordance with Oregon statutes, administrative rules and the legal opinions of respective Oregon licensing boards.

Work products required to be sealed by licensed professionals under Oregon statutes, rules, and applicable licensing board rulings/legal opinions shall be prepared by, or under the responsible charge or, qualified professionals.

Each licensed professional who seals a work product shall be the Professional of Record (POR) for the work product bearing the seal. A change or modification to a work product that requires a POR seal must be approved by the POR or an authorized licensed professional who will be responsible for the change. Changes not requiring approval of a licensed professional are not covered under this policy.

For information about ODOT policies and procedures, please contact the Business Services Branch, 503-986-3281.