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Planning for Climate Friendly & Equitable Communities


The Department of Land Conservation and Development's Climate Friendly and Equitable Communities rulemaking significantly updated Oregon’s administrative rules on housing and transportation planning within Oregon’s eight metropolitan areas.

The rules:

  • Expand requirements for scenario planning to meet the state's greenhouse gas reduction targets
  • Include new and expanded requirements for preparing local Transportation System Plans
  • Require cities and counties to reform parking regulations
  • Require cities to identify Climate Friendly Areas that allow for the development of compact, mixed-use neighborhoods served with high quality walking, bicycling and transit infrastructure and services

ODOT, in partnership with DLCD, will be supporting communities with implementation efforts. The ODOT Statewide Planning Unit, Transportation Planning & Analysis Unit (TPAU) and the Climate Office will each support CFEC implementation through specific and coordinated initiatives. The Statewide Planning and TPAU units will establish new analysis methods and tools, update guidance documents for transportation planning and provide funding to support implementation at the local level. 

The ODOT Climate Office will support regional scenario planning efforts. As this new program is developed, resources and information related to transportation planning will be provided here.

Information and resources related to scenario planning will be provided by the  ODOT Climate Office.

Transportation Planning Resources 

  • CFEC FAQs (February 2023)

  • Climate Friendly Area ODOT Impacted Areas Mapping Tool: This online mapping tool supports jurisdictions in developing Climate Friendly Areas (CFAs). Users can design and create CFAs and understand the proximity to transportation features including the state highway system, interchange ramp terminals, and adopted facility plans. Maps may be saved as PDF documents and some GIS layers can be exported as an ArcGIS shapefile for use with other applications, including travel demand models.

  • Draft Transportation System Plan Funding Program: Click here for a draft of the TSP Funding Program as previewed during the December 14th webinar with local jurisdictions.  This is an initial draft to generate discussion and feedback from local partners.  ODOT will continue to refine this program and TSP sequencing schedule based on feedback from local agencies.

  • Open Office Hours: ODOT staff will join Department of Land Conversation and Development staff on shared open office hours on January 9 (9:30 - 10:30am), February 6 (2:00 – 3:30 pm) and March 15 (8:30 – 10:00 am). Subscribe to the DLCD listserve to receive zoom links.

  • ODOT Work Plan Summary (February 2023)

  • Rules & Guidance Documents: A copy of the current Transportation Planning Rule and guidance documents for local agencies are available on the DLCD website.

  • Webinar: Local agency webinar recording (Sept 7, 2022)


EmailTheresa Conley
Principal Planner, CFEC Implementation

EmailZachary Horowitz, PE
Transportation Analysis Engineer, CFEC Implementation