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Live Webinars

About Live Webinars

The Oregon Government Ethics Commission (OGEC) is pleased to be able to offer these opportunities as a training option. Webinars are FREE of charge and are presented live by an OGEC trainer over the Internet. These training sessions are 60 - 90 minutes depending on the topic.  
Each topic is offered monthly, and anyone can participate. The number of available slots for attendees is limited, OGEC requests that interested parties register as soon as possible.

Scheduled webinars cover the following subject matters:

The content in this session will cover Use of Position or Office and statutory Conflicts of Interest. Public officials will learn how the law prohibits them from using their official position to obtain a financial gain or avoid a financial cost, what financial benefits the law allows, and what a statutory Conflict of Interest is and what your legal duties are when you have one. This session is 60 minutes.


How does Oregon Ethics Law apply to public officials accepting gifts? This course will define what a gift is, what limitations there are to accepting gifts, how the statute affects a public official's relatives and members of their household. We will also do a deep dive into the 16 gift exceptions identified in the statute.

This session is designed for the new employee, however, anyone can attend. The course content will cover: Use of Position or Office, Private Employment, Statutory Conflicts of Interest, Gifts, and Nepotism. We'll provide an overview of the Complaint Process and Sanctions, as well as information on agency resources that are available to you. This session is 90 minutes.

Learn about your responsibilities as a Jurisdictional Contact. We'll cover how to create and update your user profile, manage the positions within the jurisdiction(s) assigned to you, and how to look up who has filed their SEI report. This session is for new Jurisdictional Contacts and those needing a refresher. This session is 60 minutes.


This session is designed specifically for new lobbyists and new client/employers but that should not deter seasoned lobbyists or their client/employers from attending. The course will cover Lobby Regulation law found in ORS 171.725 – 171.785 and 171.992. We'll discuss thresholds for registering as a lobbyist and how to file quarterly expenditure reports. This session is 90 minutes.


​Webinars will be available starting in January 2024.


​This session is designed for individuals of governing bodies subject to Oregon Public Meetings law, however, anyone can attend. The course content will cover the individual responsibilities of public officials, the process to convene an executive session, and the lawful reasons for holding an executive session. This session is 60 minutes.

Registering for Monthly Webinars

Online Registration: Links for online registration are posted in the details for each training on the OGEC Calendar below.

System Requirements

We use Zoom Meetings for the webinars. You will need to be at an internet connected computer. You can use Zoom either through the app or through your preferred browser.
We recommend using the most updated version of the app to make sure you have the best experience.

Customized Webinars

In addition to the scheduled monthly webinars, OGEC trainers also provide customized webinar trainings for any group upon request.
To request a customized virtual training, please complete our Training Request Form.

Additional Resources

You can find all the handouts for the OGEC trainings on the Training Resources page.

For more information related to training and other agency resources, please call at:  503-378-5105 or contact us by e-mail at: