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Lobby Training

About Lobbyist & Client Employer Training

The Oregon Government Ethics Commission (OGEC) provides monthly live webinars, several on-demand tutorials, and a written instructional guide to assist lobbyists and client/employers in registering, setting up a profile/account and filing quarterly expenditure reports within the agency's Electronic Filing System (EFS)EFS is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Training Options


New to lobbying? Register for an upcoming live Lobby Law monthly webinar.

On-Demand Tutorials

Account Set-up & Registration

This video tutorial guides lobbyists and their clients in creating account profiles and registering to lobby in the online EFS system.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Remember to keep your EFS account profile updated.  Failure to make timely changes/updates to your contact information, i.e. e-mail, mailing address or phone number will result in your inability to receive notices, reminders and other important communications related to your account.

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Expenditure Report Filing

Lobbyist Expenditure Report
All registered Lobbyists are required to file a quarterly expenditure report per ORS 171.745. The report must list the total amount of all moneys the lobbyist expends on food, refreshments and entertainment for the purpose of lobbying for each calendar quarter. Instructions can be found at Lobby Registrations & Expenditure Reports.

Client/Employer Expenditure Report
If your name or the name of your business, company, public agency or organization is listed as a client or employer of a lobbyist, who has registered with the OGEC to represent you, you are required to file a quarterly expenditure report per ORS 171.750.  The Client/Employer report must list the total amount of ALL moneys that have been expended for the purpose of lobbying for each calendar quarter. Instructions can be found at Client & Employer Reporting Instructions.

This video tutorial guides lobbyists and their clients through the process of Quarterly Expenditure Report filing via EFS.

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Respectful Workplace Training

The annual training provided by the Legislative Equity Office is now available 24/7 via Workday. Lobbyists can also sign up for in-person trainings via Workday.

Lobbyists who do not already have a Workday account will need to create a Workday Extended Enterprise Learner account. Please refer to the Workday Guide for assistance in setting up an Extended Enterprise Learner account.

To register for a new Workday account, go to the Workday Learning External Portal.

If you need additional assistance setting up a Workday account not addressed in the Workday Guide, you can email for assistance.

If you have questions regarding the training or requirements, please contact the Legislative Equity Office.

Reporting Respectful Workplace Training

Lobbyists are required to report their commitment to taking this training and enter the completion date of the training in EFS annually.

Instructions for Reporting Training in the Electronic Filing System (EFS).


Other relevant laws, rules and other publications may be viewed on our website at:  Lobby Laws and Rules

Means any person, business, company, public agency, organization or group that authorizes a lobbyist to register with the Oregon Government Ethics Commission to represent the client/employer in gaining a legislative outcome or to obtain the goodwill of a legislative or executive official.

Means influencing or attempting to influence, legislative action through oral or written communication with legislative officials, solicitation of executive officials other persons to influence or attempt to influence legislative action or attempting to obtain the goodwill of legislative officials [ORS 171.725(8)]


a.) Any individual who agrees to provide personal services for money or any other consideration for the purpose of lobbying.

b.) Any individual who provides personal services as a representative of a public agency, corporation, association, organization or other group for the purpose of lobbying.

c.) Any public official who lobbies.

[ORS 171.725(9)]

Means introduction, sponsorship, testimony, debate, voting or any other official action on any measure, resolution, amendment, nomination, appointment or report or any matter that may be the subject of action by either house of the Legislative Assembly or any committee of the Legislative Assembly or the approval or veto thereof by the Governor. [ORS 171.725(6)]

Means any member or member-elect of the Legislative Assembly, any member of an agency, board or committee that is part of the legislative branch and any staff person, assistant or employee thereof. [ORS 171.725(7)]

Means any member or member-elect of an executive agency and any member of the staff or an employee of an executive agency.  A member of a state board or commission, other than a member who is employed in full-time public service, is not an executive official for purposes of ORS 171.725 to 171.785. [ORS 171.725(4)]

Additional Resources


If you have questions about your registration and/or filing quarterly expenditure reports, please contact OGEC staff at 503-378-5105 or