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Who You Gonna Call? The Pieces of Your Healthcare Picture


Explains the roles of OEBB, carriers, employers, and providers – who does what, and who can help in various situations

Enrolling in or Changing Benefits: The Game Plan


Explains when you can enroll in or change plan elections, QSCs, special opportunities available to new hires, and consequences of waiting to enroll in certain plans

Note: The 12-month waiting period referenced in this video (0:17-0:36) now only applies to dental coverage. Vision plans no longer have a waiting period.

Health Insurance 101:
The Basics


Explains terms like "deductible," "out-of-pocket maximum," "copay" and "coinsurance" with tips to help choose the best plan for your needs

Planning for Retirement:
Your Blueprint for Success


Explains OEBB rules specific to retirees and helps members get a proper foundation in place before they retire

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