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Health Assessments

Want to know how healthy you really are?

Try your OEBB medical carrier's online Health Assessment. The results are confidential and may help you identify areas where you can improve that you hadn't considered. 

Program Links

Already know which program you're looking for? Use the links below to get the information you need. Not sure which program is best for you? Explore OEBB's Wellness Resources

BCBH (Better Choices, Better Health) - Chronic Condition Management 

Healthy Team Healthy U - Gamified Team-Based Wellness

Quit For Life - Tobacco/Smoking Cessation

VLM (Virtual Lifestyle Management) - Online Diabetes Prevention

Weight Watchers - Weight Management (online, at work, or community meetings)

Check with your medical carrier!

Your medical carrier (Moda or Kaiser) provides a lot more than just insurance. Their member websites contain a TON of great tools and resources just waiting for you to access them. 

Log in to your carrier's member portal ( or and you'll have a virtual library at your fingertips! There you'll find articles, quizzes, health assessments, online classes, in-person classes, live health coaches, informative videos and webinars, discounted services, and so much more. 

Visit our "Find a Wellness Program" page to see specific options available for particular areas of health, or just log on to your carrier's member portal and start exploring. You'll be pleasantly surprised to discover just how much is available to you!    

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