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Facility Administrators

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We have seen great success with medical facilities that have one or more administrators in place. Providers feel more comfortable working with someone in-house.

The role of the Facility Administrator within the Oregon Vital Events Registration System (OVERS) is to support medical certifiers with the enrollment process and using OVERS. This may include resetting passwords and monitoring the status of death records that have been assigned to their facility.

Facility administrators do not sign death records and do not create new OVERS users. Administrators should never sign an OVERS Enrollment Form on behalf of a medical certifier.

Administrators will also:

  • Maintain confidentiality regarding access to OVERS, including following basic security protocols by not sharing username or passwords with others.

  • Assist medical certifiers in submitting the OVERS Enrollment Forms and supporting documents* to the Center for Health Statistics (CHS). (fax: 971-673-1201)

  • Reset OVERS passwords as necessary.

  • Notify CHS when medical certifiers leave your facility or when their user information changes. (971-673-0279)

  • Communicate updates regarding OVERS with medical certifiers.

​​*NOTE: Two pieces of ID are required for new users. One of these must have photo identification. When submitting the OVERS Enrollment Form for a medical certifier, fax their completed OVERS Enrollment Form and their two legible pieces of ID to CHS.​

All user groups can access the password reset functionality in OVERS. This functionality allows OVERS users to reset their password electronically after getting locked out or if they forget their password. You will no longer need to call the OVERS Help Desk to reset your password.

Click on the "Forgot your password?" link under the username field, the next screen will require a username and a Captcha security code. Continue through the prompts to receive an email with the temporary password. Once you have received the email, you can log back into OVERS and reset the password.

Please see the Quick Reference Guide for a step-by-step set of instructions.

If you need any assistance, please call the OVERS Help Desk at 971-673-0279. The OVERS Help Desk team is available Mondays through Fridays (except state holidays) from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.​​

The sex designation on the death record includes the following categories:

  • Female

  • Male

  • Undetermined

  • Unknown

  • X

Unknown is used if sex cannot be determined after verification with medical records, inspection of the body, or other sources.

Undetermined is used in cases where the sex cannot be determined due to a medical condition.

X (non-binary) individuals whose gender identity is not exclusively male or female.

Quick Reference Guide for Sex Designation​ for Death Certificates​ 


It may seem like a daunting task to implement OVERS at your facility. However, there are only a few key steps that need to be taken to make this process run smoothly. Below you will find information that will help in making sure everything is in place and that nothing is missed.

1.    Establish a Facility Administrator

The facility administrator will be the 'super user' of the system and single point of contact for medical providers with questions when completing a death record.

To sign up, have the facility administrator complete the OVERS Facility Administrator Acknowledgment of Responsibilities Agreement as well as an OVERS Enrollment Form and fax them to CHS.​

2.    Submit OVERS enrollment forms for all users

For every user needing an OVERS account, an OVERS Enrollment Form must be completed and and faxed with ID to 971-673-1201. Please keep in mind that it may take 7-10 days for the user account to be completed, so we strongly recommend sending these in as soon as possible. 

3.    Schedule trainings

Facility administrators must complete a mandatory OVERS training to receive their OVERS password.

All other users at a facility are encouraged to complete an initial training and refresher trainings as needed.

Contact our trainer at to schedule a training.​​