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Oregon Vital Statistics Annual Report

Oregon published its first Vital Statistics Annual Report in 1905. For over 100 years, the report was produced in hard-copy format. In 2009, the Center for Health Statistics (CHS) ceased production of paper copies of the report, instead offering it in downloadable form from our website. This year, CHS begins transitioning our annual report into a more modern and interactive format.

The Annual Report had evolved into several pages of narrative and dozens upon dozens of static data tables. This new format will rely less on narrative descriptions of the data, and focus instead on presenting the data through interactive data visualizations. This will allow the reader to examine the data in new ways, focus on topics of interest, and allows easier comparisons to earlier data than was possible with static reports.

We hope you enjoy the new report format. If you have any feedback on the new report, please let us know at

Birth & Pregnancy Dashboards

This dashboard covers data from 2010-2019, offering visualizations for a single year as well as trends over time.​​​​ Topics include: ​​ Oregon birth and pregnancy annual trends dashboard preview​​
  • Births​​​​
  • Birth rates, fertilit​​y rates
  • Pregnancies
  • Maternal demographics
  • Prenatal care
​​​​​ ​​​Visit the Annual Trends Dashboard​ ​
This dashboard covers data from 2010-2019 with visualizations at the state and county level. ​Topics​ include:​​ ​ Oregon birth county dashboard preview
  • Births​​​
  • Low birthweight births
  • Maternal demographics
  • Maternal risk factors
  • Birth order
  • Tobacco use
  • Delivery attendant
  • Delivery setting
  • Payment method
  • Maternal conditions (e.g., eclampsia, transfer prior to delivery)​​
  • Infant characteristics (e.g., assisted ventilation, admission to NICU)
​Visit the Birth County Dashboard​ ​​​
This dashboard covers the years 2012-2019, offering visualizations comparing planned hospital births with planned out-of-hospital births. Topics include:​​ ​ Oregon planned place of birth dashboard preview
  • Planned delivery setting - in-hospital versus out-of-hospital
  • Planned attendant types
  • Maternal demographics
  • Prenatal care
  • Maternal health
  • Method of delivery
  • Weeks’ gestation
  • Characteristics of delivery (e.g., induction/augmentation of labor, transfer prior to delivery)
  • Maternal conditions (e.g., multiples, diabetes, admission to intensive care)
  • Infant characteristics (e.g., assisted ventilation, admission to NICU)
​​Visit the Planned Place of Birth Dashboard ​​

Download a crosswalk of Volume 1 data tables covered in each dashboard, for those familiar with our previous annual report tables (.pdf format)

Download all three dashboards' data files (.csv format, compressed to .zip, revised 11/2020)

Fast Stats

2019 Oregon birth fast stats
Total births:
     Crude rate of births per 1,000 Oregonians:9.9
Total births to unmarried mothers:15,043
     Ratio per 1,000 births:360.3
Total low birthweight births:2,808
     Ratio per 1,000 births:67.1
Total births with no prenatal care:475
     Ratio per 1,000 births:11.4

For additional years and topics of birth data tables, including year-to-date summaries, visit our Birth data page. 

Annual report archive

Until 2017, the Oregon Public Health Division published the Oregon Vital Statistics Annual Report as two volumes. An annual compilation of vital statistics data by county was also produced until 2014.

  • Volume 1 presents data on births, abortions, and teen pregnancy. This archive includes the years 1995-2017.
  • Volume 2 presents data on deaths (all ages) and perinatal deaths. This archive includes the years 1995-2017.
  • The County Data Book is an annual compilation of vital statistics data by county including births, abortions, teen pregnancy, and deaths from 1993-2014.
A selection of Historical Reports is also available, spanning the years 1903-1918. This project to scan and upload old annual reports is in progress.

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